Saturday, November 12, 2005

Google Earth

I am often the last to learn of the cool things, the fun and amazing things available to all of us on line for free. So you may have already checked this out. But do a search for Google earth and download the little program that pops up and then play around a bit.

Put your own address and see what happens. I found the resolution to be much better in large cities and better in the States than here in Canada. Try putting in places you always wanted to see: Paris, The Grand Canyon. I even tried the Twin Towers in NY. I had so much fun that the program is living on my desktop and I have played with it several times already.

Mom the view of your house is amazing, as is Dad's. Shannon I do not know your address but I did check out Dad's duplex where you once lived.


angie, party of one said...

That program is really cool. Some people by my mom's old house bought a bunch of land and built this huge fence around it. We wanted to see what they built so we googled it. Now we know...a GIANT house!

Kelly O said...

APL- I wonder how often the satalite feeds are updated. Had you seen the program before. Did you put in my Addy? The resoultion sucks but you can see the golf course all around the complex and what not.

Wudas said...

It's not updated that often. You can see a motorhome parked by my house if you zoom in. That is the motorhome that Mom and Dad sold about a year and a half ago. Also if you scroll up Sycamore and left on Orange you will see acres of red/orange. That's either tomatoes or apricots drying in the sun.

Kelly O said...

I thought that was a moterhome, I will go check out the tomatoes. Had you seen it before?