Wednesday, November 23, 2005


Debbles is helping me with my dirty work today. I will pause a minute here to let any male readers get rid of the image of Deb and I having a pillow fight in our lingerie. Debbles has been on the phone for me for a good portion of the last hour.

She has called 2 travel agents and the broker who the tickets were purchased from. She is getting more answers than I have along the way. She is cool, professional and won't take no for answer. I am so emotional about the tickets I can hardly listen to her side of the phone conversation without screaming in frustration or crying my eyes my out. It is a true friend that is willing to take on the entire travel industry for me.

Quote of the week: "We have received terrible service from a travel agent here in Kamloops and quite frankly this situation is just unacceptable."


Corinne said...

Hi Kelly - I am so glad Deb is helping and supporting you with this ticket situation. And I am so curious about what the bank said about reversing the money back to your account. David said he didn't know if they could do that after weeks had passed but I had a bank do it for me in the past. David is reading your blog and Shannon's on my notebook, getting ready for when he can read them on his own notebook.

Wudas said...

Hey Corrine, good to see you here. Kelly sometimes I'm the same way and Darryl does the fixing. He has the patience of a saint sometimes. Other times I have to do the calling because he's so upset. I think in a pinch Diana would be better at it than both of us. She has the ability to tell someone to go to hell and make them think they've been complimented. Bless their hearts.

Kelly O said...

Corinne, Welcome! My visa company was no help at all, we have 2 visa cards a gold card through the office and a value visa as our personal card. If Paul had used the gold card there would have been so travel insurance, but he used our personal card so that was a dead end. It did not matter that no paperwork was signed as Paul verbally agreed to the charges by giving the travel agent our card number. It was a great idea, but they could not help me.

Mom, I have been so frustrated with this that I don't make any sense when I am talking to someone about it. I just can't seem to get my brain in gear when I am so upset. I hear Deb on the phone trying to work things out for me and she is just so cool and logical, I keep thinking "why couldn't I say that?"

Diana is a master dipolmat, she has worked her charm on me more than once.

Shannon said...

Good luck with the tickets.