Sunday, January 15, 2006

Advice and Rodent Doctor

Today I am following Mom and Shannon's advice, my family is very wise.

Paul was out of the house by six this morning. Quentin woke up and crawled into bed with me around 6:30, he snuggled with me for a little a while and then I got up and turned TreeHouse on for him. I went back to bed, not to sleep, but to follow the advice above. I just laid there snuggled under the blankets for a while.

The next thing I knew it was about 7:30 and PJ came in and had a snuggle with me. She got bored and went to join Quentin. I snuggled back down to get more of doing nothing in and then Sebastian woke up and came in and snuggled me for a few minutes. What a perfect morning.

I did finally roll out of bed around 8:30. I did what any well snuggled mom would do, I brewed a pot of coffee and made chocolate waffles for the kids. It's 10:30 now and the kids are full and happy and I am drinking my last cup of coffee. I will round up the kids to run some errands with me I think we are in for a relaxing day. All in all I have to say my family gives the best advice ever!

Remember the guinea pig? Well the little girl brought her guinea pig in to see me yesterday. Can you imagine waiting in your chiropractors office with 4 other patients, 2 of which are people, one who is a boarder collie and one guinea pig? It was a busy, fun day at the office.

The guinea pig had somehow hurt her back, she was sort of all scrunched up, you could see in the midback where there was a lot of muscle spasm and she was very sore there. Sadly she has some nerve damage into her lower extremities, she has bowel and bladder control, but no muscular control over her back legs. She is very frustrated with her body, it won't do what she wants it too. I used the activator to adjust her and there was immediate improvement in the muscle spasm, you could see her back level out right away. She also gained some control of her right back leg, but I think there will permanent nerve damage, especially on the left side. She is otherwise quite healthy and happy. I told the girl who brought her in to watch for improvement and if she felt the guinea pig was getting better to continue to bring her in at no charge.

It is interesting treat animals and see how they respond to chiropractic care, they respond very quickly and very well. I can tell you in one or two visits whether I can help an animal or not. Animals tell you exactly what is wrong with them and they rarely carry any emotional baggage, so you can see them clearly. By that I mean how they physically represent is how they actually are.

People tend to carry so much with them, they may come in complaining of midback pain, but that midback pain is not always due to an injury to the midback. It could be anything from the crappy food they are eating, to the mortgage payment due yesterday, or from grief they have not dealt with from a loss 15 years ago. There is a physiological response to all of our daily experiences, whether that experience is physical or emotional in nature. We store so much in our muscles and our bodies, health comes from so many things in our lives, minds and hearts.

Animals tend to have less variables, they have a good consistent diet, they are not worried about money, how the car is running ect. This is not to say that they don't have an emotional component or a stress factor, but it is not near like we put on ourselves as humans. I enjoy working with animals in my practice and have learned many valuable lessons from them. Of course I enjoy and learn from my two legged patients as well.


Wudas said...

My chicken benefitted from chiropractic adjustment, why wouldn't a guinea pig? I also spoke to our riding instructor about chiropractic for horses. She said it's really good for them, but horse chiropractors were few and far between. I think if you could do formal training, (in your spare time) for working on large animals you'd make a fortune. I saw a beautiful truck with quite the set up on the back that was a horse chiropractor.

As for us humans, the really good chiropractor that moved to Patterson last year left. It was too much to keep up two offices so far apart. He has an office in Los Banos. I told him when I went I first saw him I was the kiss of death to chiropractors. When they see me they always move away.

Shannon said...

Sounds like you had a nice relaxing day. Those are nice to have.

Bonnie said...

I am in the middle of a book (in french) that is called, "Tell me where its hurts and I'll tell you why.) Or at least something like that in english. Anyway it talks about the relationships between our bodies and our personal lives. I have totally found it to be the truth for me as well as incredibly useful.
I had a sore right knee on and off since I've been in France, when I picked up the book the first thing I looked up what a sore right knee represents, and go figure: someone who is missing in your life.
From that moment on I decided to stop polluting myself with negative feelings and stop missing the people around me.
The next day I felt better.
Its not always easy to just "not miss someone" but if I have pain I have really learned how to find something else to do or think about to take my mind off of whatever is causing pain.
Anyway just wanted to share that story with you.
I so wish you could be here and talk to some of the people I have met and learned from, because I have met some really amazing people, like yourself and I would just love to see all of you be able to talk.
But until then, have fun with your animals!!