Friday, January 27, 2006

Yawn, Stretch, Race!

I am trying to come out of hibernation mode today. I need to pick up my boot straps and just get going round here.

I have not actually been idle. I did get in a work out both Wednesday and Thursday. I even worked on Thursday. I have been playing with the kids and shopping for Paul's birthday gift. I have been knitting my fingers to the bone in an effort to finish the baby blanket by the 31st of this month.

The Baby Blanket
You remember the schedule? 6 little rows per day and the knitting will be done by the 31st. It sounds so easy doesn't it? Only 32 rows to go and the whole thing is done. Then it is the the simple matter of blocking it and sewing a back on it. I have been weaving the ends as I go so that little dirty job is done already. The problem I am having is this: The last row of blocks is the hardest, it is the same as the first row of blocks (How on earth did I ever think I could do this after I did the first row of blocks?) The first and last row of blocks involve the dots, the dreaded dots. They are only dreaded because I think the baby will be here at the end of the month and would like the blanket done by then. I have 23 different strands of yarn per row right now, it makes the last set of blocks a little slow going. I have only 22 rows of color work to go and the last 10 rows are of a single color, a simple seed stitch. I can hang in there.

I also seem to fight this weird energy when I am almost done with a large project. It doesn't matter if the project is knitting, it could be painting the kitchen or doing the accounting at the office. When you get down to the very end and you have cruised along at a good pace the universe suddenly slows things down. It increases how fast the time goes go by and throws obstacles in my path to slow me down. Am I the only one that feels this?

Let's look at last night for example. Paul had hockey and I had the kids. They usually go to bed really well, but I was feeling anxious to sit down and get some knitting done. The kids did not settle down until 9:00, at which point I realized I had a load of laundry sitting in the dryer that needed to be folded. I got that done and sat on the couch to knit. A look around the front room and saw that a tornado had struck and the room was a mess. I could not relax until I had that cleaned up some...And on and on and on and on it goes. The good news, I got in 7 rows!

The bad news: today is busy and we have plans this evening for Paul's birthday can I get 5 rows in today? Do I dare dream of 6 and stay a row ahead of schedule. Forgive my obsession, I am in training for the Knitting Olympics I will be knitting a pair of socks for the games. Mom, Shannon have you signed up yet??

Someday I will have my camera back so I can post pictures for you.

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Shannon said...

I find that when I get to the end of a project, I'm very excited about seeing the finished product. For some reason that makes time go slow and makes me uncoordinated.