Monday, January 02, 2006

Ski Bunnies

We took the kids up to the ski hill yesterday. We got up there around 10:30 and played with them until about 1:30. This first picture is of Paul helping Sebastian into his skis so that he can hit the slopes while Paul teaches PJ. I came along to play with Quentin and take some pictures of everyone.

Sebastian amazed me by taking this lift, called the carpet, up to the top of this little hill and hopping right off and skiing down all by himself. He was at the bottom ready to go again before PJ and Paul had even made up the carpet. I have video of Sebastian skiing down the hill if you want to see it just shoot me an email and I will send it to you.

Here is a photo of PJ and Paul getting ready to hop on the carpet, Quentin rode on the carpet loft too, he liked to ride it up and run down the hill. PJ skis in a harness with Paul. She can ski on her own but she doesn't stop. Paul puts her in the harness so he can slow her down until she gets better control. She had a great time, but wanted a rest after about 45 minutes.

Here is my favortie part of skiing, the hot chocolate. Sebastian wanted to do a few more runs and PJ was ready to rest so Quentin, PJ and I hit the pizza place and the coffee house. We watched out the window for Paul and Sebastian to meet us. We were so busy looking out the window for them and people watching that snuck up right behind us.

Does Sebastian look like he had a good a time? He loves it. It would be great if Paul can get him up to the ski hill a few more times this winter. The kids are such a good age to learn this kind of thing. They need to learn while they are fearless. It scares me a bit just watching Sebastian fly by me. He goes so fast!

After all the skiing (or being pulled around on a sled by your mother) all the hot chocolate and all the fun it seems a nap was in order for Quentin. I took this picture on the ride home, that kid knows how to make the most of his car seat.

A good time was had by all!


Shannon said...

Looks like everyone had a good time. When are you going to learn to ski?

Wudas said...

It looks like you are teaching them downhill skiing. Is cross country to follow? I personally can do a bit of cross country. I prefer not to participate in sports that require an ambulance on the spot.

Kelly O said...

I can snowboard pretty well, I have been up several times on my board and have taken some lessons. The truth is I have no desire to learn how to ski. That may change as the kids get older and I can go up and spend some time learning.

For years now Paul has gone up to the ski hill a couple of times a month while I stayed home with the kids so he could enjoy one of things he loves so much. Once the kids learn how to ski, Paul will take them up to the ski hill and I can have a little time to myself or I can go up with them.

I have only gone cross country skiing once or twice, it is fun but a lot of work. Have you ever been on showshoes? that is a lot of fun. In future winters I may go up and do more of that and someday I may learn to ski, for now I am content to run, snowshoe and build snowmen.

I can't wait to win the lottery so I can fly you all here first class every winter to play in the snow with us.

gran said...

a god time was had by all.