Friday, January 20, 2006

Trading Up?

Or down? Paul had to go out of town for a few days and so I am working at the office today.

We had quite a bit of snow last night so this morning has been a little slow. Not the good kind of slow. There is slow where you can actually get some work done on the accounting and there is slow where every time you sit down to get something done a patient walks in. Slow enough to be bored and make the day very long, but not slow enough to get anything productive done.

We had to ask a few friends for help with the kids. I know I am blessed with good friends and a wonderful family, but it really helps you when you are in need and so many people offer to help you out.

The Giggle Queen has the kids today and tomorrow too, she just volunteered when we said we need a helping hand. I also have help from Debbles, and Miss Model Mac. Theresa even offered to take the kids if we need it, she is 38 weeks pregnant with her first baby and is at the uncomfortable stage. All our staff and friends at the office have offered to help with the kids. I even called another hockey dad and asked is he could take Sebastian to hockey for me tomorrow and his response was, "Is it okay if I pick him up around 2:30?"

The giggle queen met me at the office this morning to trade cars and pick up Quentin. She teased me a little bit. She said, "Let me get this right, I am handing you the keys to my sports can and I get your minivan and 3 kids in return." I told her I am not sure if I trading up or down, but I think it's down in my book. You all know how much I miss the kids when I have to work all day.

I had better go eat lunch, this afternoon it may get busy. The snow just stopped falling, people are going to get out and start to shovel their driveways. That means sore backs and busy afternoon.


Wudas said...

Where did Paul go? I'm glad you have such a good support group.

Keeefer said...

The giggle queen???? Is this some kind of Canadian sock puppet??????

Hope yer all well

Shannon said...

When you say the giggle queen, I imagine someone who giggles a lot.

Kelly O said...

Keeefer and Shannon, between the two of you, you are more than half right. The Giggle Queen is Canadian and she does giggle an awful lot. She has a very infectious laugh, you can not help but join in. However the Giggle Queen is no puppet. She will crack you up though.