Monday, January 09, 2006

Manic Monday

Today has been an odd day. First off I have felt weird since I had the flu. I feel okay in the mornings but by mid afternoon my stomach is one big knot and I feel like I need to curl up into fetal position and stay that way for the rest of the day. I have not been able to eat much since I have had the flu so exercise has not been happening. I will be glad when this thing has passed entirely and I am feeling myself again.

While Debbles and I were picking the kids up at school this morning a crazy thing happened. Debbles was helping Layne get into the mini and all of the sudden a van slammed into them. (Not me!) I guess a woman was ready to drive away with her grandkids and she threw the van into reverse instead of drive and slammed right into the front of the mini.

By some miracle no one was hurt and the only damage done to the mini was a shattered window and it needs a new license plate holder. I have no idea how the passenger side window was shattered when the mini was hit from the front. Maybe the the door slammed shut, but I don't think it did. Needless to say it scared the heck out of poor Layne. She rode to the house with me she was not very excited of climbing back into the mini just then. She will be over that in a day or two.

As if that is not enough of the oddities for you Miss Model MacKinnon was fired from her job today! She was given two weeks notice by her boss, would you like to know why she was given notice? She was given notice because she asked that her hours be cut back because she was not making enough money to support herself and her family and she wanted to explore some other career opportunities and still help out the store owner. The store owner by the way is an old friend of hers!!! I don't even think the owner has any legal grounds to let Miss Model go. I will spending my shopping $$ in another store from here on out.

If today held this much weirdness what will the next full moon have in store for us?

The kids played a funny game today too, PJ dressed in Sebastian's clothes all day long and Sebastian wore PJ's clothes all day. They even traded underwear! They had a great time and made each other and me laugh quite a bit over it. They got along really well today. Perhaps tomorrow I will win the lottery.


Wudas said...

Never, and I mean never, tell your boss you are looking for another job! You do that when you give your notice. It sounds like there are some not so honorable employers there as well as here.

Bonnie said...

WHAT!! I can't believe she got fired. What is going on? Are you still leading the running groups? I noticed there has been a lot of organization of runs on a personal level, whats happening to the runners sole running?

Shannon said...

Sounds like you have a couple of cross dressers on your hands ;).