Monday, January 23, 2006

Need a Smile?

Here take two:

This is Mary with the Snowman. He may be the best snowman I have ever seen. He lives across the street from up. I saw a little girl out with her mom building one day, they only had the bottom done. I love him, he makes me smile every time I drive down the street.

Paul should be back from his visit with his family tonight. He will not get in until after the kids go bed. That is to bad, they are missing him. I ask the kids every night when they go to bed to tell me what there favorite part of their days were and what the sad parts were.

Last night went something like this:

"What was the sad part of your day?"

Kids: "Dad not being here."

"What was your favorite part of your day?"

Kids: "Dad being home tomorrow."

"What am I chopped liver???!?!"

We had a nice laugh and a snuggle after that.

I am a bit tired, but other than that things have gone well. Quentin has a terrible cough that wakes him up quite frequently in the night. He comes and gets in bed with me to keep me awake for a while. I think I have gotten about 8 hours sleep in the past 4 nights. I am ready to go home and go to bed.

I am busy at the office today, so it will go by fast. I am just taking a break for lunch. Tomorrow things should return to normal. I need a good nights sleep and work out and I will feel better. I feel funny today. You know how you feel tired from no sleep yet restless because you have not enough exercise. My body is in a bit of a catch 22. I figure a good nights sleep tonight (I will ask Paul to get up with Quentin) and get up early and exercise tomorrow and I will be back to my usual self.

I don't have my camera back yet. That picture is one Marianna took. I may ask to take a few pictures with her camera so I can show you my socks and the progress on the baby blanket. I am trying to finish it by the end of the month. I think I will see if I can get in a few rows during the rest of my lunch hour.


Wudas said...

I'm confused. Paul is visiting his Henderson? And you want to go home? Where are you?

Shannon said...

I'm with Mom, I thought you were at home.

Wudas said...

What did one snowman say to the other snowman?.....................Do you smell carrots?