Wednesday, June 28, 2006


I do look older!!! Granted, I would look better with a little lipstick and a smile, and better lighting, and airbrush and cosmetic work of some kind, maybe even if I had just combed my hair before I took the picture?

Lace knitting 101. First cast on 3 times and mess up the lovely yarn you plan to knit with.

Then wise up and use some waste yarn and make a mess.

When you think you have it figured out sit down in your favorite knitting spot, turn off the TV and the radio, duct tape the kids mouths shut and pour yourself a glass of tea. Now take a deep breath and drop your shoulders pick up your knitting and knit a row, count your stitches, have a drink of tea and repeat. When you finish the first pattern repeat fold a load of laundry to relax and refresh yourself, use the washroom and try again. One hour of knitting time=16 rows of knitting (26-30 stitches on the needles) I am assuming I will get faster as learn the lace pattern. I will keep you posted.

I am so spoiled, my wonderful in-laws sent me these two beautiful bags for my birthday. I love the colors, Judy is known for her style and taste and she has out done herself here. What a perfect gift, I can't tell you what a treat it is as a mom to have outgrown the diaper/snack filled bag and toss a beautiful Coach bag over your arm and scoot out the door. Spoiled.

Just for good measure: a box of kids. Aren't they sweet (duct tape removed for photo)


Mariana said...

Well, what a woman does not do to receive a complement, un? You look great!!!
Really, doesn't even seem that I don't see you for a week! You still look almost the same! hehehe... Just kidding!
I tryed to call you yesterday, but things a bit busier than I tought. Today nobody home again, so I left a message wishing you a Mega Ultra Super and Duper Happy Birthday!!
Kelly, I miss you so much and I love you tons. I will never forget the months we lived together, I learned so much with you all that it will be forever in my heart! Keep being this wonderful mum, wife and even cook!!! LOL..
Keep in touch because I am waiting for you here...
Love you!!

Wudas said...

Happy Birthday to you....Happy Birthday to youuuuu....Happy Birthday dear Kellyyyyyyyy....Happy Birthday to you! You are so lucky you can't actually hear me sing.

Wudas said...

What did Paul give you?

Anonymous said...

You ARE Beautiful, tried calling. Glad you enjoyed the gift, I guess it's too early for that MAGNIFY mirror?!!!lol Love Judy

Bonnie said...

I`m such a bad friend, I did not realize it when I talked to you today.
So sorry, and once again, happy birthday,
You look beautiful.

mamma said...

Happy Birthday, I don't know how old you are, but I think you look great.

Note to self, must invest in some duct tape. I've already got a box.

Wudas said...

I don't mean you look old when I say this. But that's the first time I've seen any resemblence to Betty in either of you. Kinda in the shape of the chin.

Taneil said...

Happy Birthday Kelly! You look way better than any mother of three that I know, that's for sure!
Love Taneil :)

Shannon said...

Happy Birthday Kelly. I'm sorry that I didn't call you on your birthday. I'm a bad sister for not calling you on your birthday.

The lace knitting looks great. What are you making?

angie, party of one said...

Oh my God I have the exact same Coach purse and EVERYONE complemiments it so be ready.
Happy belated birthday Kelly Anne. I did wish you happy birthday on my blog though. It seemed like an insult but it was a big ole joke.
And you're purdy!

Corinne said...

Hi Kelly - You look great in real life. Just an unflattering picture. When you are older you'll just zap those off the flash card immediately (it's a reflex). I wish you would put on your new makeup and take another one - before and after. I'm going to go down to Stoneridge and get a makeup demo now that I'm on VACATION. I think Marianne wants to go too. If they convince me that I'll really look better then I'll spend the money. At every family gahtering we'll all be sitting there in Bare Minerals. Do Judy and Diana have it too?