Monday, June 26, 2006


I took these pictures last Wednesday. Here are some of the folks in the beginning run group from Runner's Sole. To call this group beginners is a bit of misnomer. Everyone in this group has been running for at least a year and they are a strong and talented group of people.

I knew the run was going to be pretty so I brought my camera along and I was right. We did a workout called "Swedish Mile" We all run in a line at a steady pace and the person in the back has to sprint by Everyone in front of them to take the front of the line, once they get there whoever is the now the back of the line takes their turn in a sprint. I had not done this workout with this group before group, we all had a great time and a good workout.


angie, party of one said...

That adds a little fun and challenge to a run. Sounds like a good method.

Shannon said...

That does sound like a fun method of running.

Beautiful photos.

Wudas said...

Wow! Great pictures. Have you trained any marathoners yet?

Anonymous said...

Nice pictures... the running is probably relaxing... I should try and find something like that in my area. You used to run in the hills at Castro Valley too right? I think it's your birthday today June 27th?? Happy Birthday : ) Susan Sandhu

Kelly O said...

Susan! Nice to hear from you, yes today is my birthday 36 today.

Mom, I was recently asked to be a leader for the full & 1/2 runners. I now lead the 2hr pace 1/2 group on Saturday mornings, I am having fun with it. I hae no desire to run a full marathon ever again, I just dont want to spend that much time running.