Thursday, June 08, 2006


We did a bit of golfing on Sunday. We being the Linfields, Paul and myself. It was my first game of the season and Paul picked the longest course in Kamloops. We went to the Dunes, it is a beautiful course with lots of sand traps and spent plenty of time in them. We had a great time and took a photos for you.

The largest mushrooms I have ever seen:

We had some Canadian geese play through:

They ran for the water when they saw I was teeing off, it is a good thing they did not head to a sand trap, I might of hit them then!

I was very excited to learn today that Bonnie comes home in only 10 more sleeps! Ben came in for an adjustment and I got the scoop from him. I have to say Bonnie, your sweetie has grown even more hunky since you left. He has planting trees for the past month or so and tree planting seems to be treating him well. He so excited to be seeing you soon, I think 10 more days of waiting may just do the poor man in.

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