Friday, June 30, 2006


What a surprise to see so many people posting comments Thank you all for stopping by. It is nice to know that so many friends and famliy are out there reading what we are up too.

It was one of two things that brought you all out of hiding and I am not having birthday everyday, I am aging far to fast without that nonsense. So I am going to assume (and we know where that gets us) that is bad photography that brought you all out to say hello.

So here is another bad picture for you:

Ewww. Close ups of brusied fingers are ugly arn't they? We all value our hands so much that hand injuries seem to make everyone cringe a bit. Worry not about this one, it is badly bruised and slightly swollen from last nights softball game but not a bit sore, just Fugly (if you will pardon my language) Oddly enough my hand was in my mitt when I caught and dropped the ball. I think the ball just struck a blood vessel and caused the bruising. Like I said no pain and the finger is working as well as it usually does. I think I will go knit just to prove it.


Wudas said...


Shannon said...

It looks painful. I'm glad that it's not.

mamma said...

Ewwww. You poor thing.