Friday, November 02, 2007


Before I show you a couple of Halloween pictures let me show what Sebass spotted in the tree across the street:

I think this is the largest wasps nest I have ever seen. I have posted a picture of the back of it as well. It is pretty cool. I love the way the built it right around one of the small branches of the tree. I don't know a darn thing about wasps, are they in there sleeping for the winter or do they die and build a new one next year? I really wanted to give the thing a nudge until a mental picture of me running down the street with a swarm of angry wasps chasing after me stayed my hand. I took a few pictures and beat feet. PJ wants to ask the neighbors if we can have it for show and tell.

I was at work while Paul and the kids carved the pumpkins. I was sad to miss it, I love the smell of carving pumpkins. I only took pictures of two of them. The third one was not feeling well and threw up its pumpkin guts all over the front lawn. I think it is unkind to take pictures of people or pumpkins while they are eating or vomiting.

Sebass was a vampire for All Hallows Eve. In this picture he looks spooky so it is my favorite. Q was a police man and PJ was Snow White. They were out the door so fast I did not get pictures of them. I think Kathryn got some and will post them if she gives me copies. (Shannon the BE meet the stones worked great to make his eyes all sunken and tired looking)

And one more happy pumpkin. I think he is laughing at the vomiting pumpkin that is in front and to his left.

One more thing: one of the kids made the sports page click here to see who it was.


wilsajedi said...

at the cv crawl myspace, there was a picture of a guy passed out laying in his own puke and he'd pissed himself. No it wasn't me, I waited til I got home and I didn't piss myself. the saddest part about the picture is that he's at Spanky's, only the halfway point.

Wudas said...

Nice pics. I hope you can post photos of the other costumes.

memoriestoremember said...

What a great pic of Q in the paper. He should try out for the Blazers. Sebastian looks very scary, if that was done by BE I am a little afraid of what I look like on a daily basis.