Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Up For Air

I have not fallen off the planet.

More like I have fallen in a few cans of paint. A few months ago we had the entrance way re-tiled. I love the new tile and it went just fine with the existing paint colour.

Paul however patched a whole bunch of spots all over the entrance way and then left it that way. I waited a couple a weeks to see if he was going to sand down the patches or open a can of paint. Nothing happened.

The walls did not paint themselves. (old colour pictured behind the cute kid)

I figured it was up to me to get the job done. Fine, I would pick my own paint colour and to heck with that Paul guy. I picked a pretty gray that goes great with the tile.

I love the colour but it made the entrance way pretty boring with all the neutral. You know how one project tends to turn into another. Well I am in the throws of the snowball effect as we speak. I decided we needed a pop of colour. I stripped the bench:

Then I painted/stained it:

I made the coat hangers the same colour red and today I painted the weight room the gray. I am having a picture that Jodie gave us for Christmas last year framed and I will put that up to add some more colour. I am looking for a small nude table I could paint to put a key bowl on and then I think I will be about done down there.

Then I am thinking of painting all the ceiling upstairs...and I bought new lights for the kitchen...and I have picked a paint a colour for the front room and the hall ways are looking pretty beat up and did you know the front bathroom is the only room in the entire house that has not had a coat of paint since we bought the place. The snowball effect...great.


Wudas said...

Check the thrift stores for a small table. Paint it red over the finish it has on it, hit it with a sander here and there. TA DA a quick, cute piece with "patina". And it won't look cookie cutter.

Wudas said...

P.S. Don't be careful with the paint job. Gloppy, streaky will work even better. Or use black paint, same technique, and a red bowl. It would look great with the gray walls.

Anonymous said...

Oh my! I feel awful. I still have the stencil I "borrowed" last year from Sebass' moon and stars border I wanted to do in Jovan's room. Your entry way looks great : ) I think you could add interior designer to your resume. I'm not sure if you still check your hotmail? Can you forward me some info on where you had your laser eye-correction? I'm considering it. Thanks, Susan.