Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Sheep for Ewe

Blogger is a fickle mistress. An hour ago it would not let me post a picture apparently now she has changed her mind. I won't look a gift sheep in the mouth and will carry on.

A picture of pretty girl, don't ewe think so?

A bit of flora to warm you up. (I was going to throw in another really bad sheep pun here bit I don't want to ram to many down your throats) I am done with the photo class it was so worth it. The last class we played a little with photoshop and learned enough to help me with my photos. Here is my before:

Here is the same picture I after I mucked with it. I could have just posted the after photo and you would have thought I was a vastly improved photographer. I figured there was no pulling the wool over your eyes and I should just post them both.

I have patient who raises sheep to train sheep dogs. I am not sure what uses the sheep other than training purposes. When she shears the sheep she sends the fleece to a place in Vancouver that pays her by the pound and she does not care where it goes from there.

Sometime ago she raised a few Romneys. She had a Romney fleece that she had saved for years. She said it was to nice to send to Vancouver but she was not quite sure what to do with it as she is not a spinner herself.

When I started spinning Paul mentioned it in passing to her. She came in to me see and offered the fleece to me. She told me I could have it for nothing if I could make good use of it. She would mention the fleece every time she came in for care, months went by and I thought nothing of it.

Now she is selling her home and acreage and purging all her stuff. She came in on Monday and told me she found two more Romney fleeces in her basement and wanted to know if I could use all the fiber. I replied that if she wanted to get rid of all of it I would see that it found good homes and I ensured her that it would be spun up with love.

Today this came home with Paul:

Holy sheep shit batman that is a lot of fleece.

Cute 4 year old added for scale:


Leanna said...

Sheep did someone say sheep? You know how to get a girl's attention. I'm glad you enjoyed the photo class. Jessi (my niece)has stated she wanted to take a class so I might join her. It can't hurt.

Shannon said...

Are you going to dye all the fleece too?

Wudas said...

I'll bet it doesn't smell so good. Sheep are smelly things.

I like the kids too.

Now, you might consider a Photoshop class. You can buy older versions for cheap.

memoriestoremember said...

It was the biggest bag of "wool" I have ever seen. It seems like you have learned alot from the photo class, I like the pic of PJ she looks very pretty.