Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Let it Snow

Monday night I got to drive home from work in this:

Yup, that is the first real snow fall of the season. The roads were really good so don't worry. I also have some really good winter tires on the van and Paul had some winter tires put on the truck today. We got a couple of inches of light snow. Uh, for those of you that are not in snow country there are about 500 different kinds of snow. Light snow is the best to shovel but not good to make snowmen out of. It doesn't stick together well enough to make a snowman.

If The Giggle Queen reads this post she may correct me on my snow knowledge. I bow to her, she lives where it is way colder and much more snow than we do. She has also lived in Canada her entire life so she has a bit more snow experience than I do.

Tuesday morning was so pretty. The clouds lifted and the sun shone off the snow in a way that lifted the winter blues. It reached 7C, warm enough to open a window and get some fresh air in the house.

Today we are back to -5C so all the melt has turned to ice and things have gotten a bit slippery and not in a good way.

It is funny how natural getting stuck in the ice or the snow on the side of the road has gotten for me. I saw a guy driving a van get stuck pulling out of a parking lot today. Without a thought the two guys in the van behind him hopped out and gave him a push while he spun his tires for bit. I waited patiently behind them. A bit of pushing and the tires caught the pavement, the first van sped off with a thankful wave out the window. The two helpers got back into their van with great big smiles, I waved and we all went on with out lives.

The thing that struck me about the whole incident is how normal it seemed to me. I really do like living where we enjoy 4 seasons. Indeed I can't imagine living where I did not have snow for a few months of the year.


angie, party of one said...

Living in snow teaches patience I imagine. Down here people would have been crying and calling people on their cell phones if they watied for that transaction to be completed.

Wudas said...

I'm thinking just below the snow line where you get snow every five years or so would be just fine. Can you tell I'm a Valley Girl?

Shannon said...

I'm with Wudas. I don't like the cold.

Leanna said...

It isn't really cold till your nostrils freeze together when you take a deep breathe in. The snow we have right now is like shovelling feathers it's so light and fluffy...-25c (-10sihF)will do that. Can't wait to see you guys.