Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Lanolin Soup

I washed some of the fleece over the weekend. I just wanted to give it a try and see how it would look washed up. I did not document the whole thing, I followed the technique the Yarn Harlot uses and it seemed to work well.

I laid the fleece out on the garage floor to get an idea of how dirty it is. My plan was to pick out the plant matter and then wash it, I did not pick out the plant stuff as there was so little in it. I was surprised at how little oder it had even when laid out. Not smelly at all.

I laid some of the locks out as the Yarn Harlot suggests. I weighed out 6oz. I will weigh the clean fleece when it is completely dry, I am curious how much weight is lost in dirt and lanolin.

I warned Paul and the kids I would be cooking a bit a sheep and the house might get stinky. Paul kept asking me when the lanolin soup would be ready. Funny guy.

Here is the washed fleece:

I was surprised at how clean it was. Portions of it are still a bit dirty on the tips. I did not separate the locks very much when I placed them in the pot. The part that are still a bit dirty were in the middle of my bundle, I think if I had spent a bit more time loosening up the fiber before I cooked it that the middle would have faired better. I may wash the portions I am not happy with again.

The good news: none of the wool felted during the washing process. Whoot!


Wudas said...

Lookin' good. Lookin' good!

Shannon said...

That's so cool! Does this mean I might get some hand spun and dyed yarn for my birthday?