Sunday, November 11, 2007

Remembrance Day

We took the kids down to the park for the Remembrance Day service. It was quite moving. I must be getting mushy as I get older, I got all teary eyed a few times during the ceremony.

The Canadian Flag at half mast for the day:

Wreaths are placed here in honor of those that have gone to war for our freedom.

It makes me long for peace in this world.

The local pipe band is a class act:

I cold not help but notice that the leader had hand knit kilt hose on. Either someone loves him very much or he is one heck of knitter. I apologize for the fuzzy photo the man was on a mission

One of four Sentinels that stand over the service and the wreaths there is one from each branch of the service: Army, Navy, Airforce and one from the RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police)

The words on the monument behind him read, "We Will Remember Them."


Wudas said...

Darryl and I often go to the National cemetary south of here to honor our soldiers.

Shannon said...

Remembering our soldiers is important.