Thursday, October 27, 2005

Internet Connection-NOT!

I have had no internet connection at work and that is why there is a lack of blogging going on. I have been keeping lists of all that needs to be blogged. I promise I will get right on it as soon as Paul gets me up and running again.

Speaking of running I ran a person best last night on a 5K run...24:22. I was very happy with that, it takes a minute and 5 seconds of my last one. I am not even sore today, very unusual for such hard running.

I only have a few minutes to update you on what I can, I am at the office and I am blogging in between patients.

We went to a great party on Saturday night, it was at the Vikes house, it was a running party, complete with a car rally all over Kamloops. Don't worry the car rally (read scavenger hunt)was in the first hour of the party before anyone had a chance to drink. The party was in celebration of the people who ran the Kelowna and Victoria half and full marathons a few weeks ago.

Let me tell you runner's apparently are good drinkers. There was drunkeness at the party that would have done a sailor proud. It is funny to see a group of people you only see at 6:00 am, when they just roll out of bed and put on their running gear all cleaned up for party. It is a great group of people and they clean up nicely. Paul had a wonderful time meeting all the people I run with and being my designated driver.

There was some bad news. Some idiot hit the van while we were having a wonderful time. I was parked on a street between two driveways and someone (not a party goer, but a resident in the neighbor the party was in) pulled out of their driveway and scraped up the front of the van, ripped off my license plate and scratched the front bumper. Whoever did it, did not leave a note or anything. Paul went by the next morning and there is broken glass on the street, whoever did it did far more damage to their car than to the van. I think it is awful that they did not take any responsibility for what they did. I will post a photo for you when I (read Paul) gets the internet up and running at the house.

I am sorry for the hasty un-edited blogging, I have a patient waiting and I have to go!


Shannon said...

Would you please check your email? Thank you.

Wudas said...

A pox on the hit and run driver!