Thursday, October 20, 2005


I am trying to pick some dates to come to California with kids. Paul will stay home to work, and I promise I will leave him a very long honey do list to keep him out of trouble. I was thinking of arriving in CA on Saturday April 29th and coming home on May 6th or 7th. How does that sound to everyone? If those dates are good then I will call the travel agent and have the dates on the tickets changed. I am feeling a little homesick and getting those tickets straightened out will help me to feel better.

I have been feeling a little down for the past few months. I need to pull up my boot straps and do something about it. Here is my plan: (nothing like a plan to make you feel better)

1. More exercise: I have only been running 2-3 times a week and I think I will feel better if I can find the energy to get running 4-5 times a week. I always feel better when I exercise.

2. Better diet: I eat pretty good, but I do go on sugar kicks every once in a while. I feel tired if I eat to much sugar. I don't have much appetite so I will try to pay better attention to the food I am putting in my body.

3. Attitude: I am striving to have a good attitude, I think if you act like you are feeling wonderful you eventually begin to believe it and then the next thing you know you are feeling wonderful.

4. (Don't laugh at number 4) More sex: Did you all just hear Paul whoop for joy? No? That is because he does not read my blog. Sex just makes you feel better, releases endorphins and all that good stuff.

5. I am out of ideas...Do you have any suggestions? What makes you feel better when are feeling down?


Wudas said...

The dates are good for me.

When I feel down I go for a walk around my "estate." It makes me appreciate what I have. And the pine tree smells good. The other thing is to go for a motorcycle ride.

Bonnie said...

Kelly, when i am feeling down I enjoy a good bath, in a fun color like blue, red or yellow, or if I am feeling really down I don't hestitate to grab my umbrella and jump right into the shower.