Sunday, October 16, 2005


lackadaisical, that is how I am feeling today, it also happens to be the word of the day on my favorite dictionary web site. How fitting.

This wonderful rainbow was hanging out across the street this afternoon. There were two of them, one sitting on top of the other and we could see both rainbows from end to end. They were bright and beautiful in an otherwise grey weather day.

The rest of the photos I am posting today are of the field trip the kids took on Wednesday. We took them to Thistle farms, it is a local organic farm. The kids had a great time but I can't say as they learned much. The people running the place did not really know how to talk to kids and they did not even tell the kids that the farm was organic, let alone teach them what organic means. The teachers hopefully did that before the field trip.

This photo is of Debbles enjoying the farm, she on the phone more often than not. She runs her own business and much of it is done over the phone.

Here are the kids enjoying a fire they had going. It was a fun day, nice Fall weather not to cold but fresh and crisp out. No rain. Notice PJ's hat? That is the one I finished for her sometime last week. I love it and so does she.

This next one is of PJ helping Quentin husk his corn so he can eat it.

I love this one of the tree, welcome to fall in Kamloops.

tramping through the corn fields, that is Sebastian leading the pack and eating corn.

Quentin giving us his best snarl smile.

And one more of a scarecrow and some pumpkins. You can see how much fun we all had. The kids picked out their pumpkins for Halloween while we were there. You can see that we all had a wonderful time. They had hot coffee for the moms and dads and snacks and apple juice for the kids, it was a wonderful way to spend a fall morning.


Wudas said...

We are hoping the hit a couple of local corn mazes next weekend. Don't you just love fall!

Shannon said...

We're hoping to hit the corn maze in Livermore. We also grew our own pumpkins this year. One of our friends has a pumpkin carving party every year and we go over there and carve pumpkins with all of our friends. It's quite fun.