Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Quotes and Dates and Bears, Oh My!

Today's Quote is brought to you by Paul, I think it went something like this (he may kill me for this one)

"Sebastian keep your floaties on the top of the toy box, I don't think the neighbors will appreciate seeing me bent over your toy box digging around for your floaties with my bare bum hanging out." Said in preparation for a trip to the hot tub with the kids.

Dates: Stupid tickets.

It sounds like we can not change the destination of tickets in question. I was thinking I would come with the kids in May or in July. Does anyone have any special requests. Please let me know in today's comments so I can pay the big bucks and have this whole thing settled.

The bears are trying to fatten up for the winter here in the Loops. This time of year we are careful to keep our garbage in the garage and all the stinky stuff locked up safely. Last Friday one of our neighbors must of left their garbage out.

Paul and I were out on a date and about 8:30 in the evening my cell phone rings. It is the babysitter. I can hear the kids crying in the background. I ask her what is going on, she calmly states: "There is a bear on your front lawn rolling in someone's garbage, and he is very big." A little stunned, I reply with "Are the doors locked?" (Because we all know bears can open doors, right?) She said, "Yes, I already went down and locked the front door." She was cool as a cucumber. I asked if I could talk to Sebastian, (I can hear him freaking out in the background). Sebastian gets on the phone and tells me about the bear.

I told Sebastian I wish I was there to watch the bear with him and that he should just sit in the upstairs window and watch. He calms down and I tell him that there is nothing to be afraid of the bear can't come in the locked house and he is safe. I ask him if wants me to come home. He said he would be all right.

From what I understand not long after I got off the phone with the kids a car drove by and honked it's horn at the bear at the bear chasing it off. I am not surprised by the bear, we have seen them in the neighborhood before. I was surprised that he was out at 8:30 in the evening, when people are still out and about walking their dogs, going to get their mail and that sort of thing. I would not want to walk up and see bear like that.

The bears seem more aggressive this year. I have heard several stories about bear attacks, not in Kamloops but in other areas. I have been a little nervous about my early morning running. I have not been in the trails in about 3 weeks and I am sticking to the roads, or sleeping in until 7:30 and skipping my morning run. When it gets a little colder all the bears will go to bed and I can breathe a little easier on my morning runs. I am sure I am safe, but they do make nervous.


Wudas said...

I haven't given it much thought. If it's just you and the kids I vote for late spring. We are on the bike alot in the summer. What happened to the meet in Oregon plan? Anytime you want to come is fine with me I think. Possible vacation plans late July to early August.

angie, party of one said...

And I thought the neighbor's cat crapping in my backyard was bad.

Shannon said...

I don't know what my schedule will like in May or June. My work schedule isn't made that far in advance. I could be working days, swingshift or grave yards.

I know that I can't take any vacation time during the month of August next year. We have a big evaulation going on at work during that month and no one will be able to get time off.

Bonnie said...

Tell Sebastian that I am really proud of him, and tell Paul to tell Rotary thank you sooo much, I got my b-day card yesterday. It was such a nice suprise; I love mail. Who's your babysitter now?

Wudas said...

Paul you crack me up.