Friday, April 21, 2006

The anatomy of a Monkey

The Wildlife Park here in the Loops puts on a nice Easter egg hunt and pancake breakfast for the Easter weekend. We usually take the kids for a couple of hours and then we walk around and check out all the animals that are just waking up after a long winter.

There were signs posted every where "Watch the Wolves eat at 11:00" The kids thought it would be great to stay and watch. We time everything we do at the park around the feeding time of the wolves. 11:00 rolls around and we are there in time for a front row seat.

Over a hundred people are lined up around wolves habitat. Lots of cute little kids with their cheeks stuffed with chocolate, faces painted with Easter bunnies and baby chicks. We all watch eagerly as a man comes out with a bucket full of food and locks the wolves up in a separate enclosure he comes right to fence in front of us and without saying a word, or even looking up at the crowd he empties his bucket into four piles of food for the wolves.

Finally a little kid in the crowd yells out "What do you feed them?"

The reply: "Horse meat, a synthetic meat product, and baby chicks."
I will never look at a peep the same again

He wasn't done: "And once a week, for a treat we feed them each one large rabbit" Then he just turned and walked away to turn the wolves loose for breakfast. Will there be an Easter Bunny next year???

Monkey Business:

I learned from Chongo. Chongo was a bit of a pain to knit, the yarn was terrible to knit with and every piece knitted had to be hand seamed. I got wise with Wrongo. I have knitted the arms, legs and head in the round...tada! No Seams!!!

The hands and feet: you have to knit 8 of the little suckers, seam them together and then connect them to Wrongos legs and arms. I got smart here too. I picked up and knit the hands and feet. They still have to be seamed and stuffed around the hands, but WAY better than the other way. Zamboni added for scale.

There are 21 pieces to Wrongo. I have yet to knit the body, 3 hands, the tail and the ears which are made up of 2 pieces each (which I will also pick up and knit to the head to save yet more finishing work). I would like to have Wrongo done so that I can work on Shannon's socks as my traveling project.

Knitting Wrongo has been more fun than Chongo was. I am surprised at how much I have learned in a year and how confident I am in making changes in the pattern to make Wrongo an easier knit for me. Do you think I will get him done in time.

Do you think Wrongo should have a tail? Chongo does, but curious George doesn't. I know monkeys have tails and Apes don't, Wrongo is definitely a monkey. Anyone have a thought on the tail thing??


Shannon said...

Looks like you're getting a lot of knitting done.

Wudas said...

Go for the tail. You can pick up the stitches and stuff it as you go. It makes it easier.

Please send your grandfather a get well card. It helps to put him in the present for a few minutes.

Bonnie said...

Kelly, I'm so happy that the kids got to see wolves!! If that was in france, there would be mad shepard protesters blocking the view for months and months.
It was so nice to talk to you the other night.
Can you tell Paul to tell Darren Blois from rotary, to read my blog, I put a message on there for him.

angie, party of one said...

Tail, no tail, I'll love him just hte same!

Wudas said...

Are you doing all the equine research just for us? Or did I put a bug in your ear?

angie, party of one said...

Wrongo is HUGE if he's that much bigger than a Zamboni! King Wrong if you will!!