Thursday, April 13, 2006

Snorkeling Tips

This post is for all my loved one in California that are tired of the rain and are worried that they will grow webbed feet. Just a few Jamaica pictures to make you smile. There are perks to lots of water.

Some of these pictures are from scuba diving and some are snorkeling. Here is Phil enjoying zero gravity in the Caribbean Ocean:

I don't know what kind of ship this was I only know that it sunk on it's own, meaning that it was not sunk for a tourist dive site.

In this picture we are standing in water that is only up to my waist. As soon as you put your hands in the water the fish swim up to you to see if you brought them any bread to eat.

A little bit of sun for you. That's Paul and myself way down there in the water. I have my hands held above my head so the fish would leave me alone for a while.

This next picture is just neat:

This one needs no explanation, butt it might make you smile, even with all that rain.


angie, party of one said...

Okay, naked snorkling? Were you at Hedonism or something?

Kelly O said...

If we had gone to Hedonism I would not have been able to post any of our pictures!

Is it warm enough there for naked sports? Should I bring my snorkel (weird word) and leave my bathing suit in Canada?

Shannon said...

Looks fun. Some day I would like to try snorkeling.