Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Just Do It

I have everything packed for the kids, I am just about ready to go. I am running out of steam as far as the packing goes.

I see my half filled suitcase and I just don't have the energy to fill it anymore. I keep telling myself "Just do it." Just open that baby up and finish packing. Then I tell myself, "It's just the last minute stuff that needs to go in, I can do that later."

Hello! It is last minute.

I have a softball game tonight and a fire ceremony. I will skip the softball game, but I still have to get the kids to the game so Paul can watch them while I do the fire thing. My mind is zinging in 900 directions as I try to keep track of all the little last minute things that need to get done in the next few hours.

I have a pad of paper with me constantly and I just write the next thing down as cross the last thing off. No worries, it will all come together by 9:00 tonight and then I will sit and knit work on Wrongo for a while.

Today was observation day at school. I got to go to school for an hour and have the kids show me what they are learning and what they love to do at school. Here are some photos for you:

Quentin is very excited to start school next year. He is right in there with PJ and Sebastian.

I arrive in CA tomorrow at 5:00 in the evening. I will spend the first night at Dads and I guess the plan is to drive out to moms on Thursday. I will spend a few days at moms and then I will spend Sunday and Monday at Shannons, I think that those are her days off. I will then spend the rest of the trip at dads house. APL, what is your schedule like? I don't even know if I have phone number for you? Do you want to come out to mom's for a night? I would like to see everyone as much as I can while we are there. Diana, I am looking forward to a couple of visits with you. I hope I can see Gran and Pop too. Okay I need to put some of this energy back into packing. See you all soon!

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angie, party of one said...

I work 8am-4pm on Saturday (though 4pm usually turns into 7pm) and then I don't work until midnight on Sunday. Maybe Sunday we can get together? My phone number is 925-252-1896 and my cell is 925-876-0620.