Friday, April 28, 2006

What Day is it?

It is all a blur right now.

The kids have been wonderful. They were very good on both flights. I had help through the Seattle airport and that saved my life. Would you like to know what it takes to transfer flights in Seattle?
  • A trip to Baggage claim
  • A visit with an immigration officer (by the way, the kids passports: Expired in Feb)
  • A rummage through said baggage at customs
  • 3 different train rides
  • 2 flights of stairs (one up and then one down, WTF?)

I picked up the rental car without to much hassle, but damn I had a lot of crap to carry. I got to Dad's place around 6:00 on Wednesday evening. The kids were hungry and tired. Dad had a nice meal all ready for us and then the kids had a bath and were off to bed.

Poor PJ tried to sleep, but she had an earache from the plane rides and she cried for almost 2 hours. Dad offered to go to the store to pick something up for her, I have never given my kids medication but I asked him to go for some children's Tylanol. I gave her that and she was asleep within minutes.

The kids slept until about 7:30 Thursday morning and then we were off and running. We spent part of the morning with Dad and Corinne, went for a visit with Diana and then drove out to Mom's house. I was pretty worn out by the time we made it here. We played with the kids and the animals and the kids were late getting to bed, but they slept well.

Today I went to see Pop while mom watched the kids. It was nice to have a couple of hours to myself and I was relieved to see Pop doing so well. I was back at Mom's around 2:30 and we spent the afternoon playing with animals. The kids are in bed now, PJ just fell asleep and Sebastian is still awake, I can hear him trying to settle down. Another late night for them.

I did get some work done today, I adjusted 2 horses, 4 dogs and one grandfather.

The kids have been having a great time and they have been really good. Company is coming tomorrow, I get to see Shannon, Will and Taylor and Morgan. I think Gran is coming out and maybe Diana and Roy, I am not sure but I can tell you it will be fun and busy.

I have a few pictures for all of you back home, I am to tired to post them now for you, it means I would have to get up and go get the camera. I am going to get up, but only to go crawl into bed. I have not had a good nights sleep in ages, I am hoping tonight is my night. I need sleep and I need a run. I will try to have a bit more energy for you all next post.

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Wudas said...

I can't keep track of the days either. But I'm liking "sun" days.