Saturday, April 08, 2006


Shannon's random photo posts are some of my favorite, so I am posting some random photos from this week. Quentin is quite the character, I am quite sure he gets all his weird traits from his father. :)

If one finger is good, two must be better.

This weekend Paul is out of town. He is off to Vancouver to visit with a friend of his and to attend a chiropractic seminar, two birds with one stone. I have the kids for the weekend and we have lots of fun planned. They were with a baby sitter today while I worked. On my way home I stopped and picked up a couple of movies. Two for the kids and one for me to watch tonight.

Tonight we are going to order a pizza and watch Chronicles of Narnia. It sounds like great fun to all of us, we have our pajamas on already.

Quentin took this picture of me. I find on everyone's blog we get see lots of photos but enough pictures of the faces behind the blogs. I am the picture taker in the family so there aren't that many photos of me and when there are pictures taken of me I often don't like them this one is not bad.


Wudas said...

There's a reason pictures of me are "censored". Although a patient where Dad is hit on me. But he isn't in his right mind. I'll take what I can get.

Shannon said...

I like the photo of Paul and Paige. In that photo Paige looks a lot like you.

I delete a lot of photos of myself also. It's difficult to not to be so critical about oneself. Plus I take most of the photos also.

Aprilynne said...

funny, I posted about a similar issue this week, but from the a little different angle =)

I like the picture of you! (and the rest of the family, too - very cute, all around!)

angie, party of one said...

PJ looks EXACTLY like you in that picture. I like seeing the pictures of you, makes me all warm and fuzzy like we're in San Ramon.