Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Knitting is....

Better than smoking. There is, as usual, a reason for my crazy musings. See the picture below? I took that a few days ago to post for all of you to have a look at my California knitting. I am trying to get a couple of small projects done, or almost done to gift when I get there.

You all remember Sebastian monkey? Do you also remember my promise to make one Angie? Well in this photo, Chongo is meeting Wrongo for the first time. He tried to say hello and tell Wrongo how jealous he was that Wrongo had a hat (Shannon's birthday sock). Sadly Wrongo can't here a thing Chongo has to say, Wrongo has no ears.

The point here has nothing to do with Wrongo's ears. There have been a couple of times in my life when I have been very nervous and worried, Monday night one of those times. During those few moments, I have thought to myself, "I wish for just one moment that I was smoker, then I would have something to do with my hands, with my energy." Of course I am a runner so smoking is out of the question for me. There is the fact that I think it gross too.

Monday night, or early Tuesday morning, Sebastian woke up with a nasty, choking, gagging cough. He was a bit panicky and his breathing was pretty laboured. We tried some Nin Jom, a homeopathic cough syrup and it did not touch it. I took Sebastian into the bathroom, because I thought he was going to get sick. I noticed that his hand was clutched tight like he was holding something in it. I pried open his hand and found a bead in it. I wondered if in his sleep he had put one in his mouth and it was stuck in his airway.

We tried a steamy bathroom and I talked to him a bit to try to calm him down. He seemed to settle a bit and took him into bed and laid sown with him. He was breathing was very weezy and he was still labouring a bit with it.

Paul and I talked about what we should do and decided unanimously that airway was nothing to play with and we (that meaning me) should take him to the hospital. I took him down there around one in the morning. On my way out the door I grabbed my wallet and my knitting. The wait to get into the ER here can be as long as 8 hours. I did not think I would be that long with a child having difficulty breathing, but you never know.

The cough and choking seemed to settle down once I got Sebastian outside. I relaxed some after this and began to think along the lines of croup rather than an obstructed airway, but better safe than sorry.

As you can see by the xray taken, there was no bead obstructing his airway and the Dr. Did figure it was a case of croup. He gave Sebastian something to decrease the swelling in is airway and sent us home. We were back in bed around 3:30 a.m. but Sebastian did not settle down to sleep until about 5:00.

Sebastian charmed everyone in the hospital, he asked the nurse her name and said please and thank you to everyone. He asked the Dr. When he got to have to have a sleep and if he slept in the hospital. He asked the xray tech. If he could have his pictures to take to school for show and tell. He was very sweet, he had his Pooh bear and favorite blanket with him and was working the wheeze and the cough for all the nurses.

Shannon's sock served me well to help with the worry jitters, and was much better for me than smoking would be. I think the normalcy of me knitting away helped Sebastian relax too. Here is one more picture for you to see how much I got done in the hospital.

therapeutic and pretty. If I was the same shoe size as Shannon, I would keep these for my own, the yarn is so pretty. The colours are so Shannon.


Wudas said...

I find that at times like that a straight shot will help. After the fact of course.

Shannon said...

A straight shot is an excellent idea. Too bad I have to go to work tonight.

I had a similiar experience with Morgan when he was a toddler. It sounded like he had something stuck in his throat. As soon as I took him out to the car the cool night air seemed to really help his breathing. He had croup.

Shannon said...

Kelly, go to That's the best place to get a weather report for anyplace you live or to where you might be traveling too. There's a place on the left hand side of the screen to input your city and state and it will give you the weather for that area.

mamma said...

Yes, better than smoking, and more productive than comfort eating. Look you've got a sock instead of weight gain. Of course a straight shot is another good idea. I'm glad your son is going to be alright. When my son was a year old he had a rare allergic reaction to penecillian. We took him to the er and they took him straight back to a room before they even took our name. That was much scarier than the usual eight hour wait. There wasn't even time to sooth my nerves with knitting.

angie, party of one said...

Wow, what a scary night for any parent. I'm so glad all turned out well.
Thank God you were never a smoker Kelly Anne, that's icky to say the least!
And I am so happy to see Wrongo, excited is more of the word!!

angie, party of one said...

I mean Chongo, I forgot Chongo is my baby and Wrongo is Sea Bass' baby.