Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Belated Post

I meant to post this last weekend. I tend to procrastinate posts that I know I want to put lots of pictures in. Blogger is hit and miss on the photos sometimes. These went up very quickly but there are some days that it seems to take 5 minutes to post one picture, I get frustrated when it takes to long for them to post.

This post contains part I of our Easter adventure. I love the dying of the Easter eggs. It is right up there with pumpkin carving. Anyway here are some pictures of the adventure for you:

Quentin enjoyed it more that anyone, each of his eggs got dipped in each color dye. All of his eggs were that weird brown color, you know the one you get when you mix all your playdough together? That's what colour all his eggs were.

Sebass had an eye for detail and did something he rarely does, he took his time! He usually races through fun stuff out of pure excitement. He was the last one done and had the most brilliantly cloured eggs I have ever seen.

Blurred and stained hands, Quentin was upset that the colour would not wash off. I showed him that mine were stained as well and he seemed to be okay with it after that.

I posted this picture so you could see how much Easter weather sucks in The Loops. Yes that is snow on the ground. No snow for three weeks, but lets have a skiff on Easter morning. What you can't see in this photo is the wind howling. Cold, wet and windy now that's stuff of an Easter in The Loops. (Yes, I am bitter, I have spring fever what can I say?) Don't be fooled by Quentin's sunglasses, he wears them ALL the time.

The finished product: Happy kids with baskets full of Eggs.


Kelly O said...

Whoops, that last picture there is for mom. That is my reading material these last few days. It was so nice of you to buy me a large ginea pig

Shannon said...

Looks like everyone had a good time on Easter. I'm glad that you had such a pleasant Easter.