Saturday, January 19, 2008

Back to School

Wow. That is all I know how to say about my day. I can't believe how much I learned today. I got up around 5:00, I was to excited to sleep anymore. I left the Loops around 6:00 and took my time with the 2 hour drive, it was snowing a bit so I put in Harry Potter and just relaxed.

The classes were amazing, we spent most of the morning talking about what kind of knitting and yarns look good on different people and then we learned how to design or change patterns to fit. I knew I came to the right place when Sally said, "The biggest mistake knitters make is following the pattern." She taught us about how to measure our own bodies and fit a pattern to it. Very cool.

She spent the afternoon teaching us different ways to cast on and what cast-on method to use for what situation. Then we went over increases and decreases. Lots of stuff about binding off as well. I learned a lot of little tricks today. I am hoping I can remember half of what I learned.

One thing I found very interesting was seeing all knitters in their hand knits. I saw so many pattern I had dismissed when I saw them in books that I loved when I saw them on real people. It was cool to see several knitters with the same sweaters knit up in different colours and how different the same pattern looked.

I am enjoying myself and learning so much this weekend.

I just got out of the warm quiet bathtub and I am going to cast on a new project I have thinking about for while and enjoy the quiet evening. I am going to try to post when I get home Sunday. It is snowing here now, the class ends around 5 and then I have the drive home. If the weather holds it will take me longer than two hours to get there.

I think there is a mini bar in my room....gotta go!


Shannon said...

Sounds like a lot of fun. Do you get the whole weekend to yourself?

Wudas said...

We expect a full report. We are jealous.