Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Time for Dessert

Shannon, Will, Morgan and Taylor sent me this yummy yarn for Christmas. I love it. I am not sure what pattern to knit out of it but the yarn is yummy. Here it is posing on the great trays they sent to our whole family. They sent the trays in five colours and we have eaten dinner off of them almost every night since Christmas. They are cool aren't they? Make me think of school lunches.

A close-up of dessert for you. Doesn't it make you want to cast on for something right now?

Paul and the kids are sending me to this knitting class for Christmas. It is not this weekend coming up but the following. I have a bit of homework to do for it. I promise to take my camera and take lots of pictures for you.

Last but not least: Can you guess what I bought by looking at this receipt?


Wudas said...

My guess is those little headphone thingy ear buds you stick in your ears for and ipod.

What is the fiber content of that yarn?

angie, party of one said...

Wow, green bud is only $9.99 in Canada? Stoners must be everywhere!
Love the lunch trays, remind me of Stanton too.

Shannon said...

I bought the trays because all I could think of was lunch time at Stanton. I remember buying milk from a very nice short, grayed haired little old lady who always asked me if my Mom had made my clothes.

Green bud sounds like drugs but I'm guessing it's something else.