Thursday, January 24, 2008


That is what I feel like right now.

I had one of those days where you feel like you talk all day long and no one hears a word you said. One of those days where I made Q's bed 3 times; his is the only one I make (besides my own) it is a pain to make and has trouble with it. I walked into his room for 4th time and saw the mess and told everyone I was done.

One of those days where you ask a little girl to put her coat on because it is minus -15C and she tells you that you are being rude. She already knows she needs to wear it and mommy is being bossy. Surprisingly she lived through that little moment. (I did walk out the front door and pull the van out of the driveway to take everyone to school and leave her at home. I came back to get her when she got over herself)

One of those days where the renters in the basement suite move out and you have a look around and realize they did a hell of a job on the walls and you need a bucket of Polyfill and a few gallons of paint before the carpet cleaner comes on Monday morning.

One of those days where my loving husband stops on the way home from work to buy the paint and gets stuck in the line from hell at Home Depot and arrives home over an hour late.

You know what the weird thing is? I had a good day. I took it all in stride. The kids and I also did a lot of playing in the empty suite, all that space begged to be run around in. We had our first piano lessons today. We got some great birthday cards from Grandpa Dave and Corinne. We had really good ribs for dinner and again the kids and I spent some time just talking at the dinner table and enjoying one and another.

So even after that crazy day I feel pretty good. Just a bit overcooked. I think it is time to make myself a martini and knit for a little while. Maybe a hot tub and a good long nap. Then we can do it all again tomorrow.


Wudas said...

Did the birthday card and gift I sent arrive?

Shannon said...

Did the gift I sent arrive?
I'm glad that you feel like you had a great day. It's hard to take the frustrating moments in stride but if you don't, your kids will make an insane alcoholic.