Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Scoop on Sally

I am saving all my notes and swatches and may bring them along when we all meet up for our cruise. I am not sure yet. Everything she taught us in her class is in her books. I don't think I would have found all the tips and tricks on my own thought.

The second day of class she started by telling a story about a student in one of her classes that told her this class should be called, "Duh." It was so true. I spent half the tie nodding my head yes and wondering why I hadn't thought of that myself. She truly teaches and knits in a intuitive way.

She came right out and spoke about her publisher and what was going on and why we had not seen another book of the 5 book series yet. She said she got progressively more frustrated with each book she did with XRX and the colour book (the last one) she was so unhappy with she told them she would not work with them anymore until they give her more control.

They would not let her dress the models or present the clothes in the way she designed them to be worn. The front cover of the book was a sweater she did not want on the front and worn in a way she did not mean it to be worn. She said, "What were they thinking, people don't dress like that anymore!"

In the seminar she would put on sweater and wear it in a way that made me want to knit it and someone would ask what book it was in. I would look in the picture in the book and think I would never wear that the way it was presented. She said students said this to her all the time.

The first book, "The Purl Stitch" toured for 2 or three years. She said the colour book toured for three to six months. Having said that, you can't get right now, the second printing in process and it will be out again in a few weeks.

She has left XRX for the time being and the series will not be finished unless they give Sally more control of her designs.

There is good news. She has been taken on by Random House books and has two books planned with them right now. The first one she and her daughter (also and knit designer) are both designing patterns for and the second one is a Christmas book.

I guess the presentation of some of patterns is what made me not knit any of them, but I can tell in person some of her stuff is way cool. I bought the yarn for one of her sweaters on Sunday and cast on for the thing when I got home.

I will show it to you soon, when I get enough going on it for it to be photogenic. Last night I meant to post but I played with the kids and then got caught up in knitting this sweater. I ended up ripping it back and changing the length a bit and cleaning up my cast-on edge, which is the front of the sweater so I needed to be happy with it.

About Q's hair, he had orange gel in it that day, his hair is really same colour and PJ and Bass. There was something else I was going to write but I forgot, I will have to go back and read the comments and it will job my memory.


Wudas said...

It sounds like you had a good time. I am so looking forward to our cruise.

Shannon said...

I'm so looking forward to the cruise too. I always thought Sally's designs a bit boxy and outdated. Can you say 80's? What you said makes more sense and makes me wonder what the sweaters are really supposed to look like.