Friday, January 11, 2008

Randon Thoughts

I feel like as soon as I typed the title all my thoughts fell out of my head.

Mom was right, I did buy some sassy new ear buds. They have a great sound quality for the price of those babies. I have been thinking of buying another pair to just tuck away. I find they take a bit of beating and I have to replace them every year or so. Or perhaps I have accidentally found myself addicted to green buds.

I am on day 5 of a 15 day cleanse. I am finally starting to feel human again. The first few days I had one of the worst headaches I think I have ever had in my life. It is a parasite cleanse and the pain in my head had wondering if the herbal mix had forced some nasty gross worm to burrow through my brain on its way out.

Now you are going to ask me, "Why a parasite cleanse?" I try to do a cleanse about every six months; the new year seemed like good timing. I have had this gut feeling that a parasite cleanse was what I needed to do for a while now. I eat a fair bit of Sushi, I like my beef medium-rare and there is a lot of crap out there we can pick up along the away. I don't really know if I have any hitch-hikers but I felt now was a good time to kick them off the bus if they have been stealing a free ride.

My energy levels have been low for a long time. I would say 6-8 months. The cleanse seemed to be a good way to shake things up and eat better. I can't help but wonder if the whole idea is a little psychological for me. Maybe its my way of letting go of some of the crap that drains me whether that crap be an actual physical parasite or someone (I am thinking of no one in particular) or an idea that has been sucking my energy. I warned you right from the get go this would be random. Am I making any sense here?

I learned something today. We all know that the piece of sports equipment that a man uses to protect his brain is called a 'jock'. (You thought I was going to helmet didn't you?) Did you know that when girls/women play hockey they wear protective gear over their pubis (I had no idea women protected these delicate parts when they played hockey until PJ started playing) anyway this piece of equipment is called a 'jill'.

I gleaned this bit of knowledge at a sports store that specializes in hockey gear. Jock and Jill. I can't be the only one that giggles just a little bit when they read that.


angie, party of one said...

Maybe a giant worm will fall out! That'd be cool. Not because I want you to have worms, but because it would be cool if you did the fast for a purpose.
I like the Jill.

Shannon said...

The Jock and Jill made me giggle. I have always heard Jock called a cup, not a Jock.

memoriestoremember said...

I am glad you have been feeling better.
I did not know about girls hockey gear fact....That's hilarious.

Wudas said...

I went to the web site on the receipt and realized it was an electronics store and what kind of buds do you get there?