Monday, January 07, 2008


I am not sure how many pictures of giggling kids you can stand but we just find out what your limit is with this post. We hit the tobogganing hill on the golf course yesterday. What a blast.

Last week it got pretty warm around here and we had quite a bit of melt and a dash of rain. The toboggan hill is hard packed very slick snow/ice right now. It is so fast that the kids started in the middle of hill so they would not build up to much speed.

I love the look on Q's face; the sheer joy of the whole thing. It was a beautiful day, the temperature stayed about -1C (right around freezing 36F) the sun came out to play and there was no wind.

Here are some shots of the big race. Paul vs Sebastian and PJ.

I love that they spun the same way at the same time. Must have been the contour of the hill that made them both go that way.

I think you can see by the faces who won the race. Snow is good all way around, I do love to sit on the couch and watch it come down with a Bailey's and coffee in my hand. I also love an evening or early morning run in it; one of the most peaceful things in the world. Apparently it is great stuff if you feel the need for speed.

You will be so proud. Last week I did 4 workouts as per my goal, most importantly I enjoyed them.


Shannon said...

Looks like everyone had a good time. Did you take a turn or two down the hill?

Wudas said...

This looks like an "everyone must post day". Good deal.

I can remember you and your sister being on a tobogganing adventure or two when you were little.