Monday, January 28, 2008

Frost Bite Warning

I wake up in the morning to radio most of the time. My alarm seems to time itself with the weather report. Which is fine by me, I seem to have some strange fascination with the weather. I always want to know what the temperature is and what it is going to be tomorrow. I even check the weather reports for the Bay Area and Los Vegas. (Lately Mexico as well.)

This morning before my eyes even opened I heard "There is a frost bite warning in effect for the region." I have never heard that before. We are -24C this morning with a wind chill putting us at -33C. I think it might be time to start that second thrummed mitten, the hands get pretty cold at -33C.

We have the basement suite almost ready to go. We spent a good part of the weekend wrapping that up. I did what I could to help Paul out. But some of the work he needed to do himself.

He put a water hammer on the sprinkler pipe that travels in the space below our kitchen and above the bedroom of the suite. We have a whole lot of water pressure and the pipes bang when ever the sprinklers come on in the summer time. The water hammer is going to help with this little problem.

When Paul cut the sprinkler pipe we ended up with a leak on the opposite end he cut. We both had a look up there and we could not find where it was coming for the life of us. Paul was pretty stressed about finding it before damage could occur and before we go out of town.

With is so very cold the air is very dry. Your eyes and hands are constantly dry and you need to drink tons of water. The water freezes out of the air and static electricity becomes a problem as well. We have a humidifier that I started up a few days ago when it got so cold. I put it in the kitchen so it would be over the tile floor instead of the laminate in case it leaked.

As it turns out I put the humidifier in the kitchen the same day that Paul cut the sprinkler pipe. Paul said something to me Saturday afternoon about having to fill the water tanks for the humidifier everyday. (I still did not clue in)

He was getting reading to rip out the dishwasher to find the leak into the basement suite. He went downstairs and did some measuring in the suite and then headed upstairs to measure where the leak was; imagine our relief when he measured away and landed right on top of that humidifier. We have never been so happy to spend a $100 new humidifier in our lives. It was leaking up against the wall and dripping down the baseboard and right into the suite.

Now we are dry and the carpets of the suite get cleaned today and the new renters should be able to move in Wednesday. We are going to let them move in a few days early so they are settled in before we leave for Las Vegas on Saturday.

Keep warm, it sounds like it is cold in California too.


Shannon said...

It's been cold here too. It's warmed a few degrees the last few days.

You're photos are beautiful.

wilsajedi said...

it was cold today, I think one of my nuts froze off.

angie, party of one said...

ONE NUT WILL, ONE NUT WILL! Shannon is right, it has been super cold here lately. Not any kind of -24 cold (THANK GOD) but cold none the less. Have fun in Vegas...blackjack one time for me.