Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Did I Scar My Young Minds?

Today my Esthetition (did I spell that right?) called me, she has been in pain for quite sometime and she left me a message that went something like this, "Kelly, I am calling hoping you look like an Italian man and you need me as much as I need you, I have three ribs out and my feet are killing me, could you please give me a call back at..."

I called Audra back and we set up an appointment at 1:45 this afternoon, I will adjust her and she will wax me. Sounds like a lovely afternoon doesn't it? I warned Audra that the kids would be with me and made sure that this would be okay her, she said no problem.

I explained to the kids that we were going to see Audra and she wa going to spread hot wax on my eyebrows and bikini area and cover the wax with cloth strips and then pull my hair out. "Can we watch?" was the first thing out of their mouths, followed closely by "Why?"

How do you explain why we do this to ourselves to the young and uninitiated? I did my best to explain why I was willing to put myself through this process and I told them yes, of course they could watch. I never even thought about it.

So there I am at Audra's and she is standing at the head of the table, I am laying face up and she is applying wax to my unibrow eyebrows while three kids stand on stools to watch the process. I am trying not to laugh, because I would like to have eyebrows left when Audra is done. I wish I had a photo for you.

Yes, they watched the bikini wax too, the boys are only 4 and 2 and PJ at 3 years old may as well know what the future holds for her (especially if she ends up hairy like her Daddy). I wondered, for a split second afterwards if it was appropiate to let them watch but it's not like the boys are 15 or anything and they shower and hot tub with Paul and I all the time.

Nudity is normal around this house, one day last week the kids went from pajamas to birthday suits. Paul came home from work and Sebastian ran up to him, "Daddy, we didn't have to wear clothes all day!" WHOOT! No Laundry! This was a great day in my book, I did not have to stain spot anything, the red sauce washed right off the kids. I will be sad when the day comes that my children become self conscious of their bodies.

I remember last summer the kids were naked so much that when we went out for a walk and I made them put some clothes on, our next door neighbor came out and said, "Hey Sebastian, is that you? I did not recognize you with your clothes on."

So the question remains, did I scar them for life letting them watch a bikini and eyebrow wax? I don't think so, but we will see if they have any nightmares tonight. Bikini wax anyone?


Keeefer said...

They wont be scarred until you come home to find PJs covered in candlewax and sebastians trying to tear the curtains off her head.

Ill pass on the waxing

Shannon said...

Keeefer, your comment as usual made me laugh out loud.

Kelly, I don't think the kids will be scarred. We used to have problems keeping clothes on Taylor. We have a naked house too. We don't have naked day but we do have pajama day. We wear our pajamas all day on a day when we know we're not going anywhere.

Kelly O said...

Keeefer- Poor PJ! LOL, you need children, you have just the right sense of humor for them.

Shannon- I love Pajama days!

Keeefer said...

The wifes desperate to have children. Im reluctant, i can barely look after myself!
Shes got less chance now weve moved to oz......the winter nights dont get cold here

Wudas said...

You two didn't own bathing suits until you were five years old. We'd go camping in rustic conditions and you spend many a weekend nude. I had trouble getting the clothes to stay on you when we were camping. I asked my doctor about it and he said that the nudity thing resolve itself with age and it did. Maybe your kids got it from you. I have a hunch neither of you are embarrassed to walk around your houses nude. So look in the mirror and see how it would affect your kids. As for the don't care much about that either. They just love to see their parents in self inflicted pain. It's quite a puzzle to them.

Kelly O said...

You are so right mom, both about the nudity and the pain thing. How did you get so wise.

Keeefer, your wife is right about kids, they are wonderful and you would be a good Daddy. Somehow when they pop out you are just filled up with love and you step up to the plate and give them everything you have, and more.