Friday, July 22, 2005

"Quick question. How come I can get two children and myself ready to go somewhere on time and Will can't be ready on time? Do other women have this problem too?"

Shannon, I love this question of yours. I think this is a nation wide epidemic.

Paul's story is a little different. He used to get himself ready to go while I got the kids ready to go, then he would ask me why I was not ready yet. "When we first got married you would be ready to go out in 5 minutes, why does it take you so long now?" Yes, he actually asked this question.

You will notice that the above paragraph used the phrase "used to" after I answered Paul's aforementioned question (without even yelling-I deserve the Nobel Peace Prize) he is much better at helping out with the kids when we are all trying to get out of the house.

I am still the last one to be out the door. I can't seem to leave the house with beds unmade and with the breakfast dishes in the sink and oh yes, I always need to get a load of laundry in too. It is not so much that I am high-maintenance it is running a house with 4 children 3 children and a husband that takes so much maintenance.

I have finished all the knitting projects I had going and now I am ready to start a new batch. I am thinking of trying some 2 lace projects. I thought this Branching Out Scarf might be a good place to start. I have also been thinking about doing Lucky the clover lace wrap from stitch 'n bitch Nation. I am in love with this pattern too Fiery Bolero, you will have to scroll down a bit to see it. I think it would be great for almost any season. I thought a cream color would go with anything. I need a little help deciding which one to start. Anyone have a favorite?


Shannon said...

I think a scarf or shawl is the way to go. The first thing you learn to knit is a scarf. You might want to go with the scarf for learning how to knit lace. A shawl would be nice too. For cool summer evenings.

Kelly O said...

Shannon, did you check out the underlined links for photos of the projects I am thinking of starting.

I started the lace scarf, I am only 6 rows into it and then the kids were up and I could not concentrate anymore. I am not sure about knitting with yarn that is finer than my dental floss.

Wudas said...

Darryl has only to take a shower, dress, and get out the door. I shower, dress, hair, makeup, feed the birds, close up the house, put the dogs in the kennel, make the bed, move the car out of the garage, and sit down and read to wait for him. And then when he sets the alarm and gets in the car the chances are pretty good that he forgot something in the house and I have to wait some more. Dad gets his knickers in a twist when I come to pick them up to take them somewhere and I get myself a cup of coffee and sit down and relax. But I know he won't be ready for another 15 minutes. He's got to put his shoes on and comb his hair and spend time in the bathroom. He's never ready. The theory I have is that men spread the rumor that women make them wait to cover their own inablity to plan ahead, and multi task. But we women know that men are very illogical creatures and take it all with a grain of salt.

Don't forget you have another project coming in the mail. One that will take all your imagination and skill.