Wednesday, July 20, 2005

What's Your Sign?

Mine is "Please waste my time."

I am stuck in wasted time purgatory.

Today I arranged a baby sitter so I could meet Paul's Grandma Helen at her doctor appointment. This was not a problem, I don't mind helping family out, in fact I enjoy it, it makes me feel good to help people out, especially those near and dear to my heart.

Denise came over to baby sit for me because I was in a bit of a bind. She packed up her van her 1 year old twins and her oldest daughter Martine, to come over to my house and add 3 children to the count and watch them all while I ran downtown to help out Grandma Helen.

I got to the Drs. Office in the nick of time, had a look around the waiting room and did not see Grandma Helen. I figured the doctor may have been running early (what was I thinking?) and she may already be in with him. I inquire at the desk and the nice young lady (I wonder if she wants another job) tells me he rescheduled all of today's appointments to tomorrow.

I tried to call Grandma Helen about 4 times today to confirm the appointment (she is having some memory issues) and she never answered her phone (I will remember to ask the doctor about hearing issues too!). She must have forgotten I was to meet her there because she did not call me to let me know that the appointment had been changed. I can not fault her or the doctor it is Murphy who I am going to blame this on. When you see Murphy could you tell him I am looking for him? I would like him to baby sit for me while I am at the Doctor's office tomarrow with Grandma Helen.

I finished Harry Potter, now perhaps I can something done around here. I just get so sucked into a good book I can't put it down until it is done. Now it's back to the knitting needles, laundry, accounting, and hiring someone.


Keeefer said...

Kelly, Is your surname Jackson? You seem to stumble from one minor incident to the next until it all builds up into one horrible court case...oops i mean mess. I think you need to dump the kids in daycare, grab a bottle of gin, some good girly friends and hit a day spa. Screw the rest of the world they will be there when you get back. Relax, unwind, regroup and counter attack :)

Wudas said...

I have the same problem with my parents. They change stuff all the time and don't let me know. The good news is my office is a one woman deal.

Shannon said...

So far I only have my own appointments to deal with. And of course any appointments the kids have too. I guess I'm the lucky one this time!

Quick question. How come I can get two children and myself ready to go somewhere on time and Will can't be ready on time? Do other women have this problem too?