Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Strike Three!!

The Barking Cows played a double header last night, we lost the first game and won the second. I had a strike out in each game, this would not bother me overly much except for the fact that on our team if you strike out you buy a case of beer for the tournament.

We have a beer cooler at every game and we pay $2.50 a beer (or two for $5.00 wink wink). At the year end tournament (which is this weekend) we drink for free. We do our best to empty the cooler of the seasons beer and we drink the strike out beer.

A case of beer here in Canada is costly. I don't know if I can afford to play anymore. Of course when I buy my strike out beer I can buy what ever kind I like can afford, instead of the CANADIAN, it's like Budweiser, Yuck, only good if the beer is almost frozen and it is 105F outside, the beer cooler is usually full of it.

The beer lingo here in Canada is a bit different than in the States let me fill you in a bit. As an American I would call a 24pack of beer a case. What Canadians call a 'case' is actually a 12 pack in American lingo. A Canadian would call a 24 pack of beer a 'flat'. A Canadian would never put an 's' on the end of the word beer. You can have 12 beer or one beer. In the States I would order 2 beers or 12 beers, depending on how thirsty I was.

Also just a little tidbit on beer cost. A four pack of Guinness will cost me about $14.00. A case of Canadian (12pack) will cost me about $16.00.

This whole beer thing is working for me now I want a cold one instead of chocolate.


Keeefer said...

Im glad i dont play for your team or id be flat broke.

You need batting practise, though i can see how this will be difficult what with the kids n work n all (note my American jargon!). Just a suggestion but why not get Sebastian in the garden pitching a few eggs at your rolling pin?

It may not help your batting average, but it'll sure work off yer frustration

Shannon said...

Keeefer, I love your American jargon. It was quite funny. It costs Will $20.00 to make 5 gallons of beer. It's the best way to go.

angie said...

Goodness gracious! Canadians have a reputation for loving their beer so I had no idea you would have to take out second mortgage to buy a "flat". I figured they gave it away with the free health care up there!

Wudas said...

Is that the Candian $ or the American $. They aren't that far apart anymore.