Monday, July 25, 2005

Lace Take Two

This is my second attempt at lace. The same pattern with a mid weight cotton yarn. It is much easier to knit than the yarn I was trying before. I figured it would be easier to knit lace with a heavier yarn and then once I got the hang of it I would go back to the dental floss.

It was also much faster this go around, the stitch pattern is 10 rows and I have completed it twice. I only have about 200 meters of this yarn, it was a cotton I got very cheap at Elann a little while ago, I only bought two balls because I was going to use it for an accent color for a different project.


Keeefer said...

well it looks like lace to well done?

Kelly O said...

LOL Keeefer, yes well done in my book too.

Shannon said...

Looks great!