Friday, July 08, 2005

Peace Table

Sebastian and PJ are in Montessori Pre-School.

One of the many things they have learned there is how to solve their differences with other children by inviting them to the Peace Table to work things out. I have seen this in action. Just yesterday I saw Layne ask Sebastian to the Peace table at my house and listened to them resolve a conflict they were having over the trampoline.

Why is it that a classroom full of children ranging from 3-6 years of age can get along and learn to solve their problems with words at the peace table and there are adults in the world that can only communicate with violence and death?

My children teach me things everyday, I think today their lesson is for the world.

If you will excuse me I am going to the Peace table now.


Wudas said...

Sometimes children are better teachers than adults. We just have to pay attention.

Shannon said...

I agree with Mom. Lots of people don't pay attention to what children do. You can learn a lot from children.

angie said...

I totally agree Shannon. The children I work with taught me where to buy crack and how to steal a car. Prescious little things!

Kelly O said...

APL it is nice to hear you are getting a marketable education from your kids!

I am amazed by my children everyday. They see the world differently than I do and I enjoy them showing me the way it really is!

Keeefer said...

Kids can be cool.
Thanks to yours im now hiding my pooh in the dryer;)