Tuesday, July 12, 2005


I have been very a bit grumpy the past two days or so. I am not really sure why. I feel restless and frustrated. I feel like I need some time to myself and then when I get it if I ever get it I will have no idea what to do with it. I feel like I have a million things to do but I also feel a little restless and bored.

I have not run since Wednesday and that is most of the problem, you see I don't run for fitness. I run because I enjoy it, it grounds me and gives me peace. I have not been eating as well as I usually do and that may be part of the problem too. So today I making myself some promises:

1. I will get off my lazy bum, put on my runner's and hit the pavement.
2. I will try to quit taking my frustration with myself out on Paul.
3. I will get back on my morning protein shakes and start back on my glutamine supplement.
4. I will quit eating a handful of mini Oreo's in the evenings after the kids have gone to bed.
(a high sugar diet makes me tired and crabby)
5. I will hire someone for the office position by the end of the week.
6. I will get the year end accounting done by the end of the month.
7. I will try to breathe deeply and run some more.
8. I will relax and have fun at our softball game tonight (I am trying to hard lately and not having as much fun as I should be, I need to remember I am Barking Cow no one cares if I drop the ball or not)
9. I will run some more and get back to the weight lifting that I enjoy so much.

Mostly I need to cut back on the sugar and up the exercise again. I have been having trouble the past week or two getting up for my workouts. I need to remember that it will someday be bikini weather and when it happens I will be ready. See there, I am feeling less grumpy already, but I really want some chocolate:)

What makes you grumpy?


Wudas said...

You sound like I feel. I've been off for the same reasons. But I've got a plan to get me back on track. Meanwhile, remember that bathing suit season here is a lot longer, so count your blessings. It's over 100 today. We usually have 22 days over 100 degrees in the summer. This year...only four so far. That is good for the firefighers and the gardeners...and the runners.

apl said...

Sorry to hear that Kirby Dar Dar is visiting Kamloops Kelly Anne. Your mom is right though, it has been bikini weather here for more than a month already. Of course last time it was bikini weather for me was in 1993. Maybe I need to lay off the sugar as well. You'll be back to happy mode soon don't worry.

Shannon said...

I have been having a problem with the sugar myself. Being a chocolate fiend doesn't help either. I do great until PMS rolls around. I have to find time to exercise. I've been taking a walk everyday around the airport. It's supposed to be about a mile. I know that when I get bored I eat. Working swing shifts can be quite boring and we have a snack area with lots of sweets available. It can be quite frustrating and it hasn't been bikini weather for me for 5 years.

Kelly O said...

My post seems to have hit a chord with everyone.

I wish we had some noce weather around here. It had been muggy yucko. Hello! Weather Gods, Kamloops is a desert remember it should be hot and dry here.

I am trying hard to stay away from the sugar I have two more tough days in front of me and then I don't crave it anymore. Until then, I still want chocolate.