Monday, June 27, 2005

Birthday Blessings


Today is a big day, a milestone. I am loving 35 already.

Saturday evening Paul and Debbles had a BBQ and small party for me. (I told Paul he had to buy the meat for the party, he said, "What party?") It was just perfect. The Linfields were here, Denise came and brought her girls, The MacKinnon sisters came to steal the show, and Kim was here from the run clinics, and of course Debbles and Paul and the kids.

We had fun around here for a while and then after dinner and cake (the cake was amazing) Debbles, Mountain Goat, Kim and I went out on the town for a little while. Paul Stayed here and drank with the Linfields and Steve who stopped by to join us for a beverage.

We started with a drink or 2 at Players and then moved on to Cactus Jacks. We had a great time dancing and drinking and talking and drinking, and then we danced and drank some more. I got home at 2:30 in the morning and woke Paul up to thank him for such a nice evening and to tell him how glad I was to have him to come home to after a night out on the town.

Sunday was a rainy day of R and R around here. Paul washed the truck both inside and out, he even 'washed' the engine. A wet engine is not a happy engine and now the truck is sitting forlorn in the driveway, refusing to start. To add insult to injury it has been raining all day. How is the poor truck supposed to dry out in all this wet?

It being birthday time and all I have been thinking about my life and how blessed I am. I find myself at 35 with a husband who is an amazing man (and apparently excessively clean. Who shampoos their engine???), and wonderful father, I have three children who are always usually good and I feel better than I have ever felt in my life physically. 35 is looking pretty good from here.

I have friends that I learn from constantly. I have a loving and supportive mother and father. A job that I never have to go to enjoy. I am in a great learning curve, learning new sports and new skills. I am enjoying life to its fullest and I am very thankful for where I am in my life and I am happy with the directions I am growing in. I count myself especially blessed that I am married to man and surrounded by friends and family that are not only growing with me, but are encouraging me to blossom as person and as a spirit. I look to the future with no fear of getting older (this may change when I am turning 50) but only with excitement of what life has to bring next.

Speaking of next, I am almost done with my sweater (I will post a picture soon) and I am wondering what to put on the needles next. I have some yarn coming in the mail to knit a gift with. I am thinking of knitting some lace next as well. I am thinking of light summer project in case it ever decides to quit raining around here and gets hot. Wrongo would be a good summer project too. I have so much I would like to try, I wish there was more time for knitting!


Will said...

Happy birthday Kelly

Keeefer said...

Happy burfdee Kelly. I'll dedicate a beer to you this evening

apl said...

Here is where I would sing you a bad Bobby McGee's birthday song if you were here. Instead I guess I'll just have to say Happy Birthday Kelly Anne! Miss you and glad you had a good 35th.

Wudas said...

Happy birthday to my baby girl. I'm sorry I didn't call but we just got home and my in-laws were here and we were exhausted. Yvonne's birthday too and Gene does nothing for her. I'll get around to posting our adventures on my blog today, if you can "bear" it. Hint of things to come.

Shannon said...

Happy Birthday. Did you get the card that I sent you???

stephanie said...

Happy Birthday Kelly (Sorry I'm late. )