Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Last Day of School

Today was the last day of school.

Well, really yesterday was the last day of school and today was the school picnic. The nice thing is today dawned as the first day of sun in 3 weeks. It has been warm and very humid in the Loops this summer. Today has been a beautiful day, it is about 72 out right now and starting to overcast for our afternoon thunder shower. It is supposed to be nice all weekend though.

The picnic was fun, we went to Prince Charles Park (only in Canada Eh?) where they have a large wading pool and a huge playground. The kids spent the entire time either in the sand, on the swings and slides or in the water. They had a great time.

I found it much easier to take them this time than I did last summer. The pool is quite shallow up to my knees at the deepest part and PJ and Sebastian are tall enough and have enough swim lessons to handle themselves very well in it. Quentin had a great time too, he loved the water and would wade out until it was about waist high on him and that seemed to be deep enough for him.

Last summer we put the kids in private swim lessons for a week at Debbles parents pool. It was great and cheaper than the public lessons at the Canada Games Pool. Funny that it turns out to be cheaper. You pay the instructor by the hour instead of by the kid and we had Layne, PJ and Sebastian in it so that made it cheaper. This year I think Quentin will go in too.

This summer I have gotten smart. Last year the kids drove me crazy, 3 kids full time 7 days a week is enough to make a Saint go nuts, I was done in two weeks. I have hired a babysitter to watch the kids three mornings a week. Mondays so I can work, Tuesdays so I can grocery shop ALONE, and Thursdays so that I can work and Paul can have the morning to HIMSELF. They are also signed up for 2 weeks of summer school, one week in each month of their summer break.

This should be enough to keep me fresh for the kids and the summer school will give Bonnie a break too. Bonnie is the best baby sitter I have ever had the occasion to meet. She is a baby sitting goddess and the kids love her. I am not sure who has more fun when she watches the kids, her or the kids.

I am inches away from completing my sweater. I will post a photo soon I promise!

Did I show you what Paul got me for my birthday? Remember this? I used it for the first time this morning and it rocks. I need to adjust some of the settings, but I will do that as I learn how to use it. I am so excited about it. I have more birthday photos to post for you too. I am waiting for the battery to charge on the camera and then I can download the photos for your viewing pleasure.

I am going to see if I can sneak in a few rows of knitting before quiet time is over.

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Shannon said...

Sounds like you had a nice birthday. I'll ask one last time. Did you get the card that I sent you?

Putting the kids in summer one week a month is a good idea. Both of my kids are in a summer school class. It's only at the beginning of the summer It's half a day and they both seem to be having a great time.