Thursday, June 30, 2005

The Wheels are Turning

Shannon you managed to get the wheels turning. Your comment on my sweater is what got me thinking. This idea may stink, but it might be a clever idea too. Let me know what you think.

3 sweaters
3 knitters
3 gifts

For Christmas we (Mom, Shannon and I) all pick a sweater pattern we like, (3 different patterns) we purchase yarn for our sweater and photocopy the pattern. We all knit a different part of each sweater.
  • Mom knits the front of her sweater, I knit the sleeves and Shannon knits the back.
  • I knit the back of Shannon's sweater, Mom knits the sleeves and Shannon knits the front
  • Shannon knits the sleeves on my sweater, I knit the front and Mom does the back

When we are done we all have a completed sweater that has been loved by each of us. None of us got bored with a pattern because we worked with three different patterns and yarns. If we all knit the correct gauge there should be no problem seaming the sweaters. And (you will love this part) 3 gifts of blood sweat and tears and it will only cost us the price of one sweater each. We all pick our own pattern and yarn so everyone gets a sweater they love.

Again blogger's spell check program makes me giggle as it wants to replace the word 'knitters' with the word 'janitor's'.


Shannon said...

I like your idea. We just have to make sure we're all knitting in the correct gauge. I already have a pattern for a sweater I want. I just need to get the yarn for it. We'll have to run this by Mom and she what she says about it.

Blogger spell check cracks me up too. It always wants to replace Taylor's name with Tailor.

Wudas said...

I'd love to do this but maybe not for Christmas. Maybe just for the hell of it. Unless you girls are tired of Waterford crystal?

Shannon said...

I, for one, am not tired of waterford crystal. And neither is Will. He was the first one to say so.