Thursday, June 09, 2005

It is Good to be a Woman

Disclaimer: No men where hurt or maimed in the This post is not intended to offend my male readership. On the contrary, I hope you are all as comfortable in your bodies as I am in mine.

I think being a woman is a good thing. I hear men talk occasionally about how horrible it would be to be woman. Well guys, you are missing out on so much good stuff.

Let us just start with the obvious. Women go out to a bar and we rarely have to buy more than the first round of drinks. My mother made sure I knew how to change a tire as well as any man, but if I was stuck on the side of the road a man would probably stop to help me before I could get the jack out of the trunk.

All the male readers are reading this and thinking, "Yeah, but when I need to use drain the lizard..." Okay, if this is the best you guys can come up with then I can stop my 'Good to be a Woman' post right here.

Women can get away with things that men can only dream about. I see a full figured woman with nice boobs, I can go right up to her and tell her that she looks great, further more I can ask her what bra she has on and where she got it. And she won't slap me.

Woman have an appreciation of the female form that may rival a mans. It does not matter which team a gal is playing for, she is always checking out other women. I see a beautiful woman and I will point her out to my DH. If Paul spots a pretty girl he doesn't point her out to me. I can get away with checking out women, but a taken man can't.

Skirts. Imagine your junk, cool and comfy hanging low in your skirt, no binding, no sweating, no sticking to...Well you get the idea. Skirts rock, a hot summer day women are cool as cucumber while men are sweating their boys off.

Boob jobs. Yes you read that right. We can get them if we want them, we can ask other women about them. "Um, I have been thinking about getting my breasts done and couldn't help but notice yours, would you mind telling me who your doctor was?" Go ahead guys give that one a try.

I think you get the idea and I have not even scratched the surface. Bath products, having children, pedicures, spa days, not having to shave my face, having my most fragile parts safely tucked away INSIDE my body...I could go on and on.

(I thought it was funny that the spell check program did not recognize the word 'boobs' but offered up 'boobies' instead)


Shannon said...

You're right about women. They can ask any question of another woman and no one will get offended or slapped. You're also right that I check out other women. I do point out the pretty ones to Will and we always discuss the women we see.

Lori said...

i doubt i'd ask a woman about her breasts, but i like the fact that I could do so if I wanted to. I am happy to be female! Your post makes me happy!

Keeefer said...

I agree with you Kelly. Throughout my life i have found it a divine pleasure to feel a woman.
However, you do forget that when we scratch our nether regions, we are just men. When you scratch below we all reach for canesten

Will said...

Hooray for boobies!!!