Wednesday, June 08, 2005


Today was the day. I dared to think I was one of the lucky moms. I was wrong.

Oh, to be a lucky mom, I was 2/3's of the way there. I wanted to be one of those Moms without a great poop story. I have 2 children potty trained with hardly a stinky mishap, until today. Child number 3 had to do it, had to be the first and the only of my children to play in his poop.

He suckered me right in, first he peed in his underwear, this was no big deal he is potty training and this is to be expected. I figured I was safe for a few minutes while I took a shower and he ran around with no pants on.

I turned on the hot water for a shower while he innocently rode around on PJ's truck. I take a quick shower and I am in the bathroom toweling off when hear, "AhhOhhh, AhhOhh, over and over. I come out of my bedroom, dripping everywhere to find Quentin walking down the hallway towards me pointing into Sebastian's bedroom. "AhOh" The kid was clean and did not smell bad, then I walked into Sebastian's room. Quentin is a smart kid he smeared poop on PJ's and Sebastian's toys, not his own.

I spent the next 1/2 hour cleaning up toys and the floor. Thank goodness for laminate flooring and hospital grade disinfectant. Oh yes, let's be thankful for dishwashers too, this is where all the toys ended up after being cleaned up by yours truly.

Just a side note: the word for the day on my favorite web site: glutinous-sticky, gluey. Hmm.

There is knitting going here. I have some pictures to post for you but I can't seem to get them posted today. I may try tonight after my run.


Shannon said...

You can never escape the kid playing in their poop. Morgan did it lots of times. He finally stopped after I stopped cleaning off his toys and started throwing them away. Taylor never did it. I hope that Quiten never does it again. I know it's not fun to clean up.

Keeefer said...

Its times like these that im grateful not to have children. Though i have had the pleasure of watching my baby brother (who is now 18) pee on his own head.....and throw up into my sisters mouth, so i guess its not all bad.

Wudas said...

You were the poop smear kid, not your sister. Revenge is sweet.

Wudas said...

Don't forget to check out She's your cousin. She's Uncle Percy's daughter, Tina, oldest child.

angie said...

I'm so glad your shared with us that Kelly was a poop artist. That is a fact I will cherish always!

Kelly O said...

I was afraid that it was indeed fate that made Quentin do it.

At last I have found my secrect talent...poop artist. That stinks.