Monday, June 06, 2005

My 'A' Game

Mommy is back and I am on my 'A' game. I have done enough laundry for a small village and I got the grocery shopping done already. Paul did a wonderful job around here keeping up with everything and so there was not to much work to do.

I spent part of the day yesterday cleaning out PJ's room. I have a bin of toys I am getting rid of and I have a whole box of clothes and shoes for Kate's daughter in Edmonton. Kate is Debbles sister and is next on the list in the chain of girl clothes. PJ gets LB's out grown clothes and then I send them on to Kate when PJ has outgrown them. I get some clothes from Shannon too, I end up not having to buy PJ very much, I expect this will change as she gets older.

Kate has two boys and a girl. She just sent me 2 boxes of boys clothes. Most will fit Sebastian and some will fit Quentin soon. Today's plan is to go through Sebastian's clothes and his toys and get his room cleaned up too. Sebastain's clothes get all boxed up for Quentin to grow into, this means after I am done in Sebastian's room I will be in Quentin's room next. In Q's room I just need to go through his 'grow into' boxes and look for some summer stuff for him. Summer should come to Kamloops soon.

The kids are testing me big time today. PJ and Quentin just want to hang all over me, I guess they have not had enough of mom in the past two weeks. Sebastian has spent the entire day testing every rule in the book on the off chance that one of them has changed while I was at the office. They have not changed and he has spent the better part of the day in his room.

Right before quiet time Sebastain dumped an entire bucket of dirt and rocks all over Quentin's head and all down his shirt then he filled the hood on Quentin's hoody full of dirt until it was so heavy Quentin came crying to me because the zipper was cutting into his throat. Sebastain went to his room after cleaning his brother and putting a load of laundry in the washer. If Sebastain says the word "NO!" to me one more time I am going to cut out his tongue and hand it to him on a platter. I told you I am on my A game!

Two things that drive me crazy:
1. Back talk
2. Whining
3. Kicking

Whoops, was that 3? I just ask my children to treat me with the same respect that they are treated with. Sebastian is having a hard time with that today. We will start over after quiet time with a clean slate and I am sure he will be much better.

Shannon, we get quite a few summer storms, You wake up in the morning to the sun shining and nice hot day. Then by mid-afternoon these really dark clouds will roll in they will dump us and thunder and lightening for an hour or two and then it all clears up and it is dry again in no time. Last weeks storm was the worst one I have seen but it does occur a few times year in this area. It is kind of weird because it will dumping rain here but I can look out my front window and see that across the valley they are enjoying sunshine. Other times I can watch it rain across the valley while I bask in the sun.


Wudas said...

We are having some weird weather here too. It's a breezy 73 degrees today after several days in the high 80's. I had to find a long sleeved shirt! They even say a chance of rain!

Shannon said...

I looked at the weather online last night and there was nothing in the forecast about the wind. Today at work we were on top of an antenna tower and the wind was quite cold. If it wasn't windy it would have been warm. I hope that everyone survived the flash storm last week.