Monday, June 20, 2005

Learning New Tricks From an Old Dog

I may be going out on a limb with this post but I have been thinking about this for a while and well...Here goes nothing.

I am learning to come to terms with the fact that I am a healer. Sounds funny, doesn't it? Yes, we all know that I am a chiropractor and I adjust people and that in turn optimizes their own bodies ability to heal itself. I am talking a little bit beyond that.

I believe that when we lay our hands on people with the intent to heal that there is an exchange of energy. I feel that exchange of energy very strongly through my body at certain times and I have noticed I am feeling that energy more often and with greater strength.

I would say this happened to me for my last 5 patients or so on Saturday for example. When I adjust a segment of the spine that my gut and my hands tell me is the source of this persons pain or dysfunction I get very warm, my hands turn bright red and often the patient will notice this exchange of energy and will recognize it only as heat. They will typically comment about how warm they have gotten following the adjustment.

I have wondered if the heat they feel is just a physiological response to the adjustment. You know stimulating the nervous system, firing a parasympathetic response and all that goes with that response. Okay if that is the case then why does my body respond as well?

Now it gets a little strange. I adjust animals in my office as well as people. A few weeks ago I adjusted a dog named Carly. I talk the dogs while I adjust them, I tell them they are being good and I tell them what I am doing as I touch them. As I adjusted Carly's low back I told her don't worry your stomach will fell better after this. Carly's mom (owner) asked how I knew her stomach was upset. I was just about to say, "Because she told me." I bit back the words before they came out of my mouth and I said, "I don't know." Carly's mom proceeded to tell me that Carly had not been eating and had not been digesting her food well for the past few days.

I adjusted a very sick horse about a year ago. When I put my hands on the horse tears came to my eyes, I immediately knew how sick she was and I had a feeling that the horse would not survive the illness. I proceeded to adjust the horse and when I was done. The horse put her head down and pressed her forehead to my chest and said thank you. Her owner looked at me in surprise and said, "She just said thank you to you." I was not the only one who 'heard' Sierra. Sierra passed away that night.

I would like to learn more about myself, my strengths and my weaknesses. I would like to learn more about the healing energy I feel within me and how to share it with more patients both 2 and 4 legged. I think I know how to start on this road, I will share more with you about this journey as I learn.


Keeefer said...

Maybe you should look into some alternate therapies like reiki (think thats spelt right) for example. I am not a big believer in this type of thing but i had reiki for a bad back and it worked a treat ive not suffered since. My young brother had it for ligamnent damage on his leg and that worked too. Its all to do with aligning your body energy (or some such mumbo jumbo) but it involves no heavy hands on activity just touching the odd place on the body and some holding hands above certain areas. I mention this because during my sessions i could feel the energy (or whatever) from the 'healers' hands when they were about a foot away from my body. It was most odd.

On a slightly different note.....Im no big believer in accupuncture either. A few years ago though i read an interesting article from Japan that has made me much less skeptical. A japanese guy had a restaurant towards the top of a mountain, in order to serve a certain type of fish it had to be live the moment before preperation. Taking the fish up the mountain they always died as the air became thinner. He started performing accupuncture on them to put them into a meditative state and because they were breathing a lot slower they started to survive the journey.......Now i find that very strange.

Shannon said...

Kelly, Mom says she can sometimes hear her animals talking to her. So, it doesn't surprise me that you have this ability.

Kelly O said...

Keeefer thank you for sharing your Reiki experience with me. I think that chiropractic is a great avenue for healing and that I am on the right track.

I will share more on my plans to tap into this healing energy when I am feeling more ready. (I have learned how to leave them hanging from the best of them...Keeefer!)

Shannon- I did not figure either mom or you would be surprised by this post. I think I come by it naturally, every stray dog in the world knows that mom can hear them.

I think you have some freaky deaky talents of your own as well Shannon. I knew you would understand.